Looking for  the best “Patio Wines” AND talking to a dozen  winemakers from Okanagan Falls!




It’s the 5th annual Okanagan Falls  Winery Association Spring Wine Tasting at Earls in Yaletown.

One of the best events in the calendar year.  Everybody shows up. Owners, winemakers and principals.

They pour all their new offerings and the best of their portfolio.  There was even a table filled with nothing but OK Falls Pinot Noir.

At the same time, I was writing my food and wine column for Living Magazine.  The theme in the next issue was looking ahead to Summer. They suggested I recommend Patio Wines.

So, one of the  questions I asked was “What’s your best patio wine?”  (fyi – I’m not a big fan of the term patio wine..I happen to think it sells great/complex wines short, as though they were a throwaway!)


Here’s the line up of  wineries and guests .  (in somewhat alphabetical order)

 Blasted Church                  Elaine Vickers/Winemaker                      blastedchurch.com

Blasted Church

Blue Mountain                   Christie Mavety/ family & marketing   www.bluemountainwinery.com

Crescent Hill                      Teresa Murray Wiseman/Owner            www.crescenthillwinery.com/

Kraze Legz/Skaha             Gerry  Thygesen/Owner-WM                www.krazelegz.com/

Liquidity Winery/Bistro Ian MacDonald/Owner                            www.liquiditywines.com/


Meyer Family Wines       Janice Stevens-Meyer/Owner                www.mfvwines.com/

Meyer Family

Nighthawk Vineyards      Christy Bibby/Co-Owner                          www.nighthawkvineyards.com/

Noble Ridge                        Leslie/Jim D’Andrea / Owners                www.nobleridge.com


Painted Rock                      Lauren Skinner/ Family & marketing   www.paintedrock.ca

Lauren Skinner. Painted Rock

Pentage                                Julie Rennie – Co-Owner


Synchromesh                      Alan Dickinson /Owner-Winemaker    www.synchromeshwines.ca/

Wild Goose                         Roland Kruger                                             www.wildgoosewinery.com/





  •  Naramata Bench Wineries pour  new releases  on The Coast
  • Therapy
  • Hillside
  • La Frenz
  • Lake Breeze
  • Deep Roots
  • Upper Bench
  • Bench 1775
  • Terra Vista
  • The Cider Clans gather