July 6th, 2019- Tofino Two – The Industrial Way Artisans and The 17th Food and Wine Festival

It’s Tofino Two – The Industrial Way Artisans and The 17th Food and Wine Festival.



Last week’s show was all about  spending weekdays in Tofino.  The Chefs of Tofino / Ucluelet  and Willie Mitchell..The Prince of Tides.

 This week, it’s about the craft artisans on Industrial Way  (Charcuterie, Brewing, Spirits & a very popular bakery.)

Summit Bread Co

Then it’s off to the 17th annual Tofino Food and Wine Festival.  Most wine festivals take place in hotels, conventions centres and meeting rooms.  Not this one.


As always it takes place in the Tofino Botanical Gardens.

As you stroll to the many tasting stations you come to realize you’ve left the “gardens” behind and now you’re surrounded by a Rain Forest.

Surreal and very memorable.

I swear the location makes  the wines taste better.  Just saying!


As a stark contrast we start the show on Industrial Way in Tofino.


Like all other towns and cities, Tofino has an industrial area where craft businesses share space with construction equipment, fishing supplies, boat and floats.


As Tina Windsor from Picnic Charcuterie  says of Industrial Way  “there’s no point in putting lipstick on a pig.  It is what it is but still people seek us out.  It’s high class, low brow”

Besides Picnic, we’ll spend time discovering the people and the craft behind Tofino Brewing, Tofino Distillery and Summit Bakery.

Picnic Charcuterie


At the Tofino Food and Wine festival we’ll taste and talk with:

Kira Rogers The Food and Wine Fest  Producer, Culmina, Black Market, Pentage, Tantalus/Stoneboat/Summerhill/Township 7 and Burnt Timber.




Then a wonderful surprise,. I bumped into David Gouge  co-owner of Sea Star Vineyards. (Pender Island/Saturna Island)

and  got caught up on one of the really fine winery stories in BC.

 Today’s guests are:

From Industrial Way:

Tina Windsor – Picnic Charcuterie https://www.picniccharcuterie.com/

Bryan O’Malley  – Tofino Brewing   http://tofinobrewingco.com/

Neil Campbell – Tofino Craft  Distillery https://tofinocraftdistillery.com/

Brendan Foell/Cassidy McCaughan – Summit Bread Company https://www.summitbreadco.com/

From 17th Tofino Food and Wine Festival

Kira Rogers – Producer https://tofinofoodandwinefestival.com/

Sara Triggs – Culmina Vineyards  https://www.culmina.ca/

Rob Hammersley – Conviction Ridge Vineyard/Black Market Wine Co. https://blackmarketwine.ca/

Paul Gardner – Pentage Wines   https://pentage.com/

David Gouge – Sea Star Vineyards https://seastarvineyards.ca/

Chris Smith (WayWestWines) – Tantalus, Burnt Timber, Summerhill, Township 7, Stoneboat.  https://twitter.com/waywestwines?lang=en  





Jim Cuddy – Cuddy by Tawse Wines

A special feature on “field blends”

Fire Season in The Okanagan

BC Shellfish Festival / Courtenay-Comox

Cowichan Valley Wine Festival

Assorted Chefs, Willie Mitchell & Brendan Morrison  speak out on their/our  role in saving fishery

Chris Tolley Moon Cursor

Fort Berens

Andrea Sartori and 121 years of Italian Winemaking

Jason Priestley – 90210 and his California wine.