EP 266 | Wide Mouth Mason & Colleen Rennison Two Great New Albums

Colleen Rennison and Wide Mouth Mason


 Colleen Rennison.  Year after year one of the voices to keep an eye on in Vancouver, then Austin, Texas.

Formerly the lead singer of No Sinner and a self-admitted artist living a life of booze and partying that bordered on harmful – to self and career.

Finally, back in Vancouver, Colleen has found friends who’ve cared for and helped her recover and do what she was meant to do – write and sing.

New album Persephone. (not named after the Beachcombers tug)

Finally, she’s put all of her gifts together. This a really good album.   Check out I Do.

Colleen brings tales of dark times and new hope.

The second guests are Shaun Verreault and Safwan Javed – Wide Mouth Mason

They have released a new album Late Night Walking

They are always pushing forward. Finding a new edge to their music.

For example,  one track, Minus 2 Minutes features Joey Landreth on guitar in the left channel only, with Shaun on the right.

and Safwan right down the middle.

On the album with them Gordie Johnson and Ryan Dahl.

Upcoming tour dates

Oct 21 – Guitar Strings and Kidney Things @ Bridgeworks – Hamilton

Nov 1 – Aeolian Hall – London

Nov 2 – Dominion Telegraph – Paris

Nov 3 –  Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto

Nov 4 –  Neat Cafe – Burnstown

Nov 9 or 10 –  Modern Love – Calgary

Nov 11 – Festival Place – Edmonton

Nov 12 – Bo’s – Red deer

Nov 23 – The Northern – Fernie

Nov 24 – Dream Cafe – Penticton

Nov 25 – The Pearl – Vancouver

Nov 30 – Wicket Hall – Victoria

Dec 01 The Waverly – Cumberland

Dec 02 – The Queen’s – Nanaimo