Mulligan Stew April 13th 2024-Two Guests The Harpoonist and Bahamas

Two friends drop by –


Shawn Hall – The Harpoonist. Currently a solo artist without long-time partner the Axe Murderer.

Shawn has a new album coming out later this summer but he’s about to drop his first single –Good People. Co-written and produced by Gordie Johnson from Big Sugar.

Good People was heard first time anywhere on last year’s Juno Couch at CKUA. Shawn joined musical forces with Diggin’ Roots and they rocked  The Couch.

This is a drive-through interview because the rest of it will he heard when the album drops later this summer.

Harpoonist is coming our way.  May 1 Wise Hall Vancouver. / May 2 Kelowna/ May 3 Nelson/ May 4 Calgary/ May 5 Lethbridge/May 7 Red Deer/ May 8 Edmonton.

Followed by Saskatoon/Regina/Winnipeg


The second guest is Afie Jurvanen – more famously known as Bahamas!

A fascinating artist and human. Never satisfied to remain in the same groove or attitude. What’s constant is his ability to create memorable songs,  surrounded by sonic texture that is his territory alone.

You know it’s him as soon as you hear the song.

He’ll be doing summer festivals and supporting his album Bootcut –  a heavily inspired classic Country record which has recently seen his catalogue surpass a billion streams. He was awarded a pile of gold/platinum/double platinum singles while attending the JUNOs this year. . Rolling Stone covered Bootcut saying that a Canadian indie rock kid made one of Nashville’s most Country records of the year

Oh..and he was featured on The Bachelor and released an album on Valentine’s day called Repackaged Love Songs.

And best of all,  he’s guesting on Mulligan Stew Saturday 4 Pacific / 5 Mtn  at CKUA RADIO

The complete interview can be found on Mulligan Stew Podcast and the video version on the terrydavidmulligan YouTube Channel

Have a great weekend