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Mulligan Stew Sept 9th 2023-Special Guest Ariel Posen


The Sept 9 Mulligan Stew has a special guest – Ariel Posen.

He’s just achieving liftoff in his career but there’s absolutely no denying he has a profile arc heading up.

A session guitarist in Winnipeg (I saw him as the second guitarist in Bros. Landreth. If Ariel is  playing beside Joey Landreth and more than  holding his own, you know he is good)

He began his career quietly showcasing new guitars online for the companies making them.

He had no idea the effect he was having on the guitar and music fans of the world, especially in Europe.

So. when he finally decided to start his solo career and released his first album How Long  (2019)  Ariel was gobsmacked to find a ready and willing audience in Europe and across Canada, then in the USA.

Then came Headway, Mile End, Mile End 2, Familiar Ground, the Downtown EP and just now Reasons Why.

He’s touring Canada

Sept 26th in Calgary

Sept 27 in Edmonton

Sept 28 in Saskatoon

Sept 29 Winnipeg  (home town)

BUT FIRST – On Sept 23 he performs at the 2023 Eric Clapton Crossroads Festival in LA.

Also invited by Eric are The Bros. Landreth. Also from Winnipeg.



Mulligan Stew – Guest Ariel Posen Terry David Mulligan Year 27 at CKUA
Can’t turn you loose Otis Redding (His Birthday) Very best of
Take my troubles away The Vintage Explosion Having such a good time
Too Little Too late Too Bad Rhiannon Giddens You’re the One
The Stew – TDMulligan Our guest is Ariel Posen New album Reasons Why
Mean old World N Miss All-stars (Isbell & Betts) Up and Rolling
Good Days Serena Ryder Good Days
Harvest Moon The Mavericks All Night – Live Vol 1
Ariel Posen guests in Hour Two with New Album Reasons Why
Bad Timing Blue Rodeo 5 Days in July
Fire (live) Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band The Darkness
Waterloo Sunset The Kinks Picture Book
Deane House – River Cafe Both on The Bow Next – John Mellencamp – Peter Green
Pink Houses (live) John Mellencamp Plain Spoken – Live at Chicago Theatre
Rattlesnake Shake (live) Peter Green Splinter Group Soho Live – Ronnie Scotts
Coming UP – The Stones Live with Mick Taylor Midnight Rambler From GRRRR
Special Guest Hour Two Ariel Posen with new album Reasons Why
Tell it like it is Aaron Neville Tell it like it is
How sweet it is Marvin Gaye Hitsville
Gin Soaked Boy Tom Waits Swordfish Trombone
The Stew – CKUA Radio Donor Supported Donor Driven
Ariel Posen Interview with TDMulligan New Album Reasons Why
Time can only tell Ariel Posen Reasons Why
Ariel Posen Interview -complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
I wish we had never met Ariel Posen Reasons Why
Ariel Posen Interview Mulligan Stew Complete interview on TDM YouTube
Man you raised Ariel Posen Reasons Why
Ariel Posen Interview Complete Interview on Podcast and terrydavidmulligan You Tube Channel
Broken but I’m Fine Ariel Posen Reasons Why
Coyotes Banff – For over 25 years CoyotesBanffdotcom Mulligan Stew Thanks You
Midnight Rambler (live) The Rolling Stones with Mick Taylor GRRRRR
Stir it up (live) Bob Marley and The Wailers Live
Thank You for Donating to CKUA You DO donate, don’t you???? We’re Donor Driven
Can’t turn you loose (live) Otis Redding and Booker T Live at Whiskey A Go Go

Mulligan Stew Sept 2nd 2023-It’s a long Labour Day Weekend


It’s a long Labour Day Weekend.

As I said on The Stew, we’re playing two hours of music!

For those in their hammocks, out on the water, in the water, popping corks, beating egg whites OR doing absolutely nothing.

Susan Tedeschi  starts this week’s Stew with a track from her solo album Wait for Me (25th Anniversary edition)

New music from William Prince/Mike Farris/Old Crow Medicine Show/Marc Jordan/ Tom Wilson & Iskwe/ Jesse Roper/Rhiannon Giddens

Classic tracks from Sept 2

1964 – The Rolling Stones record Little Red Rooster. In Mono and then we play perhaps the best version of Rooster they did live with Eric Clapton on Flashpoint (Steel Wheels Tour)

Live tracks from Tom Petty, Tower of Power, Van Morrison, The Eagles, Jackie Venson, and Sting!

Jimi recorded All along the  Watchtower Sept 2, 1968.  Dylan is impressed.

Also tracks from Nicolette Larson, Ray Lamontagne, Stevie Ray and Jimmy Vaughn, The Black Crowes, Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Etta James (for Pat)

Interviews coming with

Art Bergmann

Ariel Posen – Next Week

Colleen Rennison

Craig Northey – Odds/Steve Paige Trio

Russell Broom

Marc Jordan and

Susan Tedeschi




Mulligan Stew Terry David Mulligan playlist
The feeling that music brings Susan Tedeschi Wait for me
Strong Enough Ray Lamontagne Monovision
Rhumba Girl Nicolette Larson Nicolette
When you miss someone Wm Prince Stand in the Joy
The Stew TDMulligan NEXT – Live – from Tower of Power & new Mike Farris
What is Hip (live) Tower of Power Live and Living Colour
Honeysuckle Blue Mike Farris Silver & Amp: Stone
Deane House River Cafe Next – Tom Petty Live
Breakdown (live) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Pack up The Plantation
Brown Eyed Girl (live) Van Morrison Too late to stop now
Hotel California (live) The Eagles Live at MTV
One drop Old Crow Medicine Show (Mavis Staples) single
TDMulligan Coming up The Stones – Little Red Rooster mono and Live – 25 years apart
Life by the drop Stevie Ray and Jimmy Vaughn Best of
Coming Up on Hour Two of The Stew Stones, Marc Jordan, Black Crowes Tom Wilson, Etta James, Sting Live
Mulligan Stew – with TDMulligan Year 27 details
little red rooster (mono) The Rolling Stones Rolling Stones Now
Little Red Rooster (live) The Rolling Stones with Clapton Flashpoint
Rolling on (live) Jackie Venson Live in Texas
Everybody wants to rule the World Marc Jordan Waiting for the Sun to Rise
Jealous Again (acoustic) The Black Crowes Shake your Moneymaker – (30th deluxe)
The Stew – with TDMulligan details Next – New Tom Wilson
Blue Moon Drive Tom Wilson. Iskwe Mother Love
Throw this rope Jesse Roper Throw this rope
Coyotes Banff 206 Cariboo St Next – Jimmy Dale
Way over Yonder Rhiannon Giddens You’re the One
Midnight Train Jimmy Dale Gilmore After Awhile
I’d rather go blind Etta James Best Blues Album Ever
Ain’t no sunshine (Live) Sting Ten Summoners Tales (Expanded edition)
Have a GREAT weekend Bring on The Fall find us
All along the watchtower Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland
Not fade away The Rolling Stones Singles 1963-1965

Mulligan Stew Aug 26th 2013-Special Guest Jill Barber


Bumped into Russell Broom at EFMF. We talked Art Bergmann and his next album.
What brings you here? Says I
Playing with Jill Barber. Says Russ
And that’s how Jill and I ended up sharing a freshly poured Big Rock and a wonderful interview in the green room.
Jill covers thoughts and emotions on her home and Homemaker, her latest album.

This Summer Stew starts and ends with Bob Dylan and his album Rough and Rowdy Ways. He’s just announced an R & R Ways tour. It includes two nights at Massey Hall Oct 26/27 with the next night in Montreal.

New Music from Mike Farris/Dolly Parton (with Paul and Ringo), Eric Clapton, Valerie June and Bill Frisell, Jesse Roper, Robert Finley, and Iris Dement.

The complete interview – over a cold beer – starts a two-part Mulligan Stew Podcast.

FYI. Tasting Room Radio is an hour special with winemakers and locals on the fires that raged through the hills of West Kelowna.
It ends with a message that they’re “open for business”. Farming is tough enough. To have roads closed during the high tourist season is hard to survive.

How can we help?
If you’re buying wine soon please buy BC from your favorite winery. It all helps.

Speaking of the recent wine country fires, the  interviews we did with locals and winemaking friends  for Tasting Room Radio will be Part Two  of this week’s Mulligan Stew Podcast

Buy Local.  Thank You


Mulligan Stew -Guest Jill Barber Terry Mulligan details – mulliganstewdotca
False Prophet Bob Dylan Rough and Rowdy Ways
Honeysuckle Blue Mike Farris Honeysuckle Blue
Let it be Dolly Parton (with Paul and Ringo) Single
La Bamba/Good Lovin’ (live) Los Lobos Disconnected in NYC
TDMulligan Our guest this week is Jill Barber and her album Homemaker
Take a little walk with me Eric Clapton Rarities 2001-2010
Handsome Molly Valerie June (and Bill Frissel) Doc Watson at 100
Throw this rope Jesse Roper Throw this rope
Lady Madonna The Beatles One
Deane House and River Cafe Next -The Hip, Bahamas John Mayer playlist Mulliganstewdotca
Wheat Kings The Tragically Hip Fully Completely
Waiting for the World to change John Mayer Continuum
Opening act (Scooby Dooby) Bahamas Earthtones
The Summer Stew TDM Guest Jill Barber
fondly and forever Liz Cooper and The Stampede Audio track Far-out Version
Guest in Hour Two of The Summer Stew Jill Barber
Josie Steely Dan Aja
Things i used to do Van Morrison and Joey Defranco You’re driving me crazy
Sneaking Around Robert Finley Black Bayou
Warriors of Love Iris Dement Working on a World
Coyotes Banff Coming Up Blue Rodeo and Jill Barber TDMulligan
Arizona Dust Blue Rodeo Things we left behind
Jill Barber Interview with Terry David Mulligan at Edmonton Folk Fest
Homemaker Jill Barber Homemaker
Jill Barber Interview Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Hell No Jill Barber Homemaker
Jill Barber Interview Mulligan Stew TDMulligan
Beautiful Wife Jill Barber Homemaker
Jill Barber Interview Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Instant Cash for Gold Jill Barber Homemaker
Thank you for listening and donating . You donate- right? [email protected]
Crossing the Rubicon Bob Dylan Rough and Rowdy Ways


Mulligan Stew Aug 19th 2023-Remembering Robbie


Robbie Robertson passed away Aug 9, 2023.

We were born a year apart and once we were both making and playing music we crossed paths over the years.

What was special about the relationship was that we talked like two friends who loved the same music and artists.

I was fascinated by his Indigenous roots and he couldn’t believe that I had been a Mountie.


We discovered that we both found our musical roots through late-night radio. I was completely in awe of the Border Radio of  Wolfman Jack on XERB Del Rio Texas. Hard driving r&b, blues, conjunto and zydeco at midnight. Radio under the blankets and pillows.

Robbie was doing the very same thing in downtown Toronto and with his Mom’s family at  Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve.

Robbie of course went on to become a legendary guitarist and songwriter.

From Ronnie Hawkins Hawks to The Band to playing with Bob Dylan when he decided to introduce electric backing to his folk audience. They were decidedly not happy with Bob or The Band.

Robbie, Levon, Garth, Rick and Richard created historic music.  First in the basement of Big  Pink in Woodstock with Dylan then on their own.

The songs became the fabric of what was to become Roots and Americana Music.

Several became anthems.

The Weight, The Night they drove old Dixie down, Up on Cripple Creek. All three were written by Robbie.

I was lucky enough to be in the audience at Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco for The Last Waltz.  November 25, 1976. Their final concert.

The only reason I got into that magical event was because Robbie had invited me to come.

I did interviews with him while he mixed the film’s audio a year later.

Another one was when the  Martin Scorsese film actually came out in 1978 and another was when Robbie released his autobiography,  Testimony.

Some interviews are locked away in network archives and some are lost.

However, in putting this special together I did discover, at the last minute,  another partial interview and I’ve added it into the Mulligan Stew Podcast.

It’s nearly impossible to include every project that Robbie either planned or executed. He was never not busy creating.

However, I’ll leave you with a partial awards list.

The Band and/or  Robbie were inducted into the Juno Hall of Fame, Rock Hall of Fame, Aboriginal Lifetime Achievement Award,  Canada’s Walk of Fame, Songwriting Hall of Fame, Govern General’s Performing Arts Awards for Life Time Achievement, Grammy Lifetime Achievement, Order of Canada, and many more.

Robbie and I talk, The Hawks, Bob Dylan, growing up at Six Nations, heading for the Mississippi Delta as a 16 year., The Last Waltz (and one magic moment) and talks about his three most famous songs.

If I’m lucky enough to locate more of our interviews, I’ll add them to the Podcast mix and repost them.

Thank you all..for Remembering Robbie and his life!

Mulligan Stew Aug 12th 2023-Robbie Robertson


Photo-Don Dixon

“…and then there was one “

One of the greatest bands to ever walk our stages and play with our hearts has been taking the final curtain – one by one.

Ricky Danko

Levon Helm

Richard Manual

This week – the heart of The Band –  Robbie Robertson

Left to carry the flag, Garth Hudson.

Very few artists can ever lay claim to changing popular music. Just a handful.

Then one day it hits you– hammers you actually.  You get total clarity and begin to change everything you’ve known and held sacred.   So it was when Eric Clapton heard The Bands Music from Big Pink.  It was like all of a sudden he heard this record and said to himself, “Now this is what music should sound like.” For me personally– this has always been one of the most interesting moments in rock music history.

My pal Corey called me just as I was finishing recording Saturday’s Stew. Sorry to tell you this but Robbie’s gone”

He knew how special I thought Robbie Robertson was.

Dixie Down, Cripple Creek, I shall be Released, Chest Fever, King Harvest, Stage Fright, Acadian DriftwoodSomewhere down the crazy river. Once were brothers.

I had just enough time to finish The Stew with Once Were Brothers.

The last interview I did with Robbie will be repeated on the Mulligan Stew Podcast this week.

I promise there’ll be a Robbie Remembrance on The Stew shortly.

The only reason I got to stand in the Winterland Ballroom one Thanksgiving Evening in SF was because Robbie invited me to attend The Last Waltz.

Changed my life.

Lots of music this week..check out the playlist.

Somebody, please take care of Garth.



The Summer Stews Terry David Mulligan playlist mulliganstewdotca
The Weight King Curtis and Duane Allmann Duane Allman Anthology Two
Voo Doo Woman Susan Tedeschi Just won’t burn (25th ann)
Love Enough Julian Taylor The Ridge
Stay right here Allison Russell The Returner
Follow the Money Buddy Guy and James Taylor Blues don’t lie
TDMulligan – 27 year Coming UP – Tami Neilson and Brandi Carlile details mulliganstewdotca
Yet to be Rhiannon Giddens and Jason Isbell You’re the one
Next – Tami Neilson-her most Canadian song TDM
Manitoba Sunrise at Motel 6 Tami Neilson Kingmaker (live with Auckland Symphony)
Next – Van Morrison Live The Summer Stews TDMulligan
Domino (live) Van Morrison It’s too late to stop now
Money Roger Waters Dark Side Redux
Deane House River Cafe With Thanks from CKUA
Can’t let go Lucinda Williams Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
The way it is Bruce Hornsby & The Range The way it is
CKUA On Demand The Summer Stews Next – Marc Jordan
Coltrane plays the blues Marc Jordan Waiting for the Sun to rise
50/50 Promo TDMulligan Good Luck
Coming Up in Hour Two Bob Marley. Bonnie Raitt. Paul Simon Little Feat. Mark Knopfler. King Curtis
Waiting in Vain Bob Marley and the Wailers/Tiwa Savage Africa Unite
I’m on your side Bonnie Raitt Fundamental
Rosy Delbert McClinton Self man man
Summer Time Taj Mahal Savoy
Irish Girl Mike Campbell and Dirty Knobs Wreckless Abandon
The Summer Stews – with TDM NEXT Teskey Bros – Valerie June -and Paul Simon [email protected]
This will be our year The Teskey Brothers The Winding Way
Fade into you Valerie June Under Cover
Gone at Last Paul Simon – Jessie Dixon Singers Paul Simon – Box Set 64/93
Take me to the Mardi Gras Paul Simon Paul Simon Box Set 64-93
Sleeping dogs best left alone Doctor John Guess things happen that way
Coyotes Banff – Thank You The Summer Stews mulligan stew dot ca
Dixie Chicken Little Feat Dixie chicken
Show me Joe Tex The Hits
Just a boy away from home Mark Knopfler Tracker (deluxe)
Once were Brothers Robbie Robertson Sinematic

Mulligan Stew August 5th 2023-Music to get you to September



Welcome to The Summer Stews (also known as Music to get you to September)


Here’s the deal..’

Whatever you’re doing Saturday between 5 and 7 PM Mtn,  or during the next week at  CKUA On Demand,  I’ve got the tunes for you – a bag full.

Two hours of tunes.

Starting with LaVern Baker, Oliver Wood, Dan Mangan, Corb Lund, Los Lobos, Peter Wolf, Rockin’ Roy Forbes, Eddie Vedder,

Steve Earle, Blue Rodeo, Chilliwack, Leon Russell, Son Volt, Doug Sahm, JJ Cale, Beatles, Ronnie Raitt, Ray Charles, Jerry Garcia Band with Bela Fleck and Tom Petty.

New music from Margo Price, Brandi Carlile and Catherine Carlile, Celeigh Cardinal, Art Bergmann and Russell Broom and  Tony Allen.

Making plans to be on-site at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival next weekend. More info to follow.

FYI This week Mulligan Stew Podcast is all about Bob Dylan and his influence on several generations of singer/songwriters and groups. On the occasion of his 80th birthday several years ago.

Guests are

  • David Bowie
  • Susan Tedeschi / Derek Trucks
  • Robbie Robertson
  • Colin Linden
  • The Avett Brothers
  • Barney Bentall and Steve Dawson
  • Greg Keeler (Blue Rodeo)


The Summer Stews Terry David Mulligan mulliganstewdotca
You better find yourself another fool LaVern Baker You better find yourself another fool
Fine Line Oliver Wood Always Smiling
Peaks and Valleys Dan Mangan More or Less
Ride On Corb Lund and Ian Tyson Cover your tracks
The Summer Stews TDMulligan Playlist mulliganstewdotca
The Neighborhood Los Lobos La Bamba
Love Stinks (live) Peter Wolf A cure for loneliness
Thistles Roy Forbes Thistles
Coming UP – Classic Canadian Artists Mulligan Stew with TDM [email protected]
You’ve got to hide your love away Eddie Veddar I Am Sam (sndtrck)
I’m looking through you Steve Earle Train a’coming
Deane House / River Cafe Thank you both for the support for The Summer Stews
Freedom (live) Colin James Twenty Five Live
O Glory . Lost those blues again Blackie and the Rodeo Kings O Glory
Closer to fine Brandi and Catherine Carlile Barbie The LP
Already Gone (Live) Blue Rodeo Up Front – Live from Mtn Stage
Fly at Night Chilliwack Dreams Dreams Dreams
The Summer Stews TDMulligan [email protected]
Stranger in a strange land Margo Price A song for Leon
It takes a lot to laugh and a train to cry Leon Russell Leon Russell and the Shelter People (Bonus)
TDMulligan Mulligan Stew Summer 2023
Keep your cool Son Volt Day of the Doug
Glad for your sake Sir Douglas Quintet Complete Mercury Masters
Over before it began Celeigh Cardinal Over before it began
Crazy Mama JJ Cale Naturally
Coyotes Banff coyotesbanffdotcom -Thank you all
Lady Madonna The Beatles One
Love sneaking up on you (live) Bonnie Raitt Alison Krause Keb Mo Ben harper Bonnie and Friends
You don’t know how it feels Tom Petty Wildflowers
A hymn for us Art Bergmann and Russell Broom single
A song for you Ray Charles True Genius Pop Classics
Have a great rest of Summer The Summer Stew @tdmulligan
Harder they come (live) Jerry Garcia Band with Bela Fleck Garcia Live Aug 5 /1990 Greek Theatre
Crazy Afrobeat Tony Allen Home Cooking

Mulligan Stew July 29th 2023-FOUR GUESTS AND A WEDDING !!!


2 Donor Hours. The first says ” go for it” so we do.\
The second is in memory of a lost son and all the concerts they attended.

The Guests

Roy Forbes, Holger Peterson, The Bros. Landreth and AV and the Inner City.
All of the interviews were done backstage at the Vancouver Island Music Festival of several weeks ago. In Courtney. Thank you, Doug Cox and Team.
Talking to Roy about performing his Thistles album after all those years, to Holger about some of the highlights of his years coming to the festival and interviewing Roy for the audience. The Bros  Landreth tells the tale of travelling to the Byron Bay Blues Fest in Australia to finally play with Bonnie Raitt. There was just one thing they wanted to do before that…go swimming in the surf. Things went sideways.
Ann Vriend and her Inner City Choir introduced themselves and their second jobs and left us with a song.
The Wedding – In our back garden. Two families becoming one.
Our son.  Their daughter.
Holger was hosting and doing interviews.
The Bros. Landreth was playing various side stages and headlining Sunday
Rocking Roy was playing his Thistles album from his “Bim” Days. with a great band
Ann Vriend and Inner City, after a chat,  left us with a cappella gospel song.
These are edited versions of much longer interviews. They will all be heard over the next 4-6 weeks.
The playlist has a nice touch of romance to it.


Mulligan Stew 4 Guests & a Wedding TD Mulligan playlist mulliganstewdotca
The Spark William Prince Reliever
Found the one Ben Harper. Charlie Musselwhite No Mercy in this land
Say when Dan Mangan single
Better together Jack Johnson In between dreams
The Summer Stews 2023 4 Guests – First is AV and the Inner City @tdmulligan
The way you do the things you do (live) Jerry Garcia Band The Jerry Garcia Band
AV and The Inner City (Ann Vriend) Interview and performance at Van Island Music Fest
The Summer Stews – 2023 Terry David Mulligan details – mulliganstewdotca
Like a Rolling Stone Bob Dylan Highway 61
Hiding out in the open Feist Multitudes
Interview Two – Roy Forbes Host of Roy’s Record Room Performing Thistles Album
Lifting my heart (live) Roy Forbes Striking Matches (live)
Deane House / River Cafe Supporters of CKUA through the Stew Thank You
Old folks boogie (live) Little Feat Waiting for Columbus
These arms of mine Otis Redding Pain in my Heart
The Summer Stews 2023 4 Guests and a Wedding -Fynn and Natalie
Sunbeam Corb Lund Things that can’t be undone
Crazy for you Michael Franti Soul Rocker
On your way down Trombone Shorty and Allen Toussaint BackaTown
Astral Weeks Van Morrison Astral Weeks
Stop and Listen Blackie and the Rodeo Kings O Glory
Holger Peterson Interview with Terry at Van Island Music Fest
I’m free Bobby Rush All my love for you
Fiddler’s Green The Tragically Hip Road Apples
The Bros Landreth Interview Backstage Van Island Music Fest with TDM
Made up mind The Bros. Landreth Let it Lie (deluxe)
Coyotes Banff Thank you Coyotes mulliganstewdotca
Tell me your dream (live) Blue Rodeo Blue Road
Just breathe Willie and Lucas Nelson Heroes
Green Onions Booker T and the MG’s Best of

Mulligan Stew July 22nd 2023-Mariel Buckley on a Roll!


Mariel Buckley returns to The Stew.

She’s been a tad busy.  2 Western Canadian Music Award Nominations for Breakout Artist and Roots Artist, Polaris nomination, Americana Festival in Nashville in September, Winnipeg Folk  Festival, King Eddy gig with brother Tim,  released a version of album Everywhere I Used to be (deluxe).

Two new tracks – Prairie Town Dreams and Sad all the Time.

And she’s not done yet!!!  Mariel is heading to the Edmonton Folk Fest Aug 10-13

Mariel brings tales of relationships, sadness, depression, small-town loneliness that can  squeeze the life out of you. Not exactly feel-good songs but there is hope throughout. And a fight-back spirit. A Rise Up anthem.

Some of the stories are actually true.

The complete interview – a romp – can be heard on the Mulligan Stew Podcast and the video version on terrydavidmulligan YouTube Channel

Also – one donor requested Cuban we included Mongo Santamaria,  Alex Cuba & Jon Batiste.

Hour two donor requested memorable concerts I attended…

So a long segment features

  • Nathanial Rateliff –  Fallon
  • Tedeschi Trucks – Beacon Theatre
  • Joe Cocker – Mad Dogs Live/Fillmore.
  • The Band. – The Last Waltz
  • New music from Dominique Fils-Aime, Art Bergmann, Clapton/Beck, Rufus Wainwright and Brandi Carlile, Jon Batiste.

Onward !!!!!!


These are The Summer Stews Terry Mulligan CKUA –
Diving Duck Blues Taj Mahal and Keb Mo Eric Clapton Crossroads 2013
Feeling like a Plant Dominique Fils-Aime Feeling like a plant
VooDoo The Neville Bros. Yellow Moon
Train in vain The Clash London Calling
Heart by heart Ariel Posen Headway
Down in the Willow Garden Rufus Wainwright and Brandi Carlile Folkocracy
Come and Go Blues Allman Brothers Band Brothers and Sisters
Deane House – River Cafe Coming up Mariel Buckley Two New Songs
Watermelon Man Mongo SantaMaria Watermelon Man
el swing Que Tempo Alex Cuba El Swing Que Tempo
Drinkwater Jon Batiste. Joe Bellion Fireboy Drinkwater
The Summer Stews Coming Up – Mariel Buckley 2 new songs Next -New Art Bergmann
Death of a Siren Art Bergmann Shadow Walk
Moon River Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck single
The Summer Stew Terry David Mulligan playlist mulliganstewdotca
Spare Tire Ariel Posen – Cory Wong Notes to Spare
Coming UP Mariel Buckley Interview The Summer Stews TDMulligan
SOB (live) Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats Fallon Show
I pity the fool (live at The Beacon) Tedeschi Trucks Band Let Me Get By (Deluxe)
Summer Stew Mariel Buckley in minutes TDM
She came in through the bathroom window (Live) Joe Cocker/Mad Dogs Live at Fillmore East
I shall be released (live) The Band The Last Waltz (deluxe)
Coyotes Banff Next – Mariel Buckley playlist – mulliganstewdotca
Everywhere I used to be Mariel Buckley Everywhere I used to be
Mariel Buckley Interview Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast and video version on TDM YouTube Channel
Prairie Town Dreams Mariel Buckley Everywhere I used to be (deluxe)
Mariel Buckley Interview TDMulligan Complete on Podcast and You Tube
Sad all the time Mariel Buckley Everywhere I used to be (deluxe)
Mariel Buckley Interview complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast It’s full of stories. Some of them true
Shooting at The Moon Mariel Buckley Everywhere I used to be (deluxe)
Mariel Buckley Interview The Summer Stew Video version on TDM You Tube
When I call your name Mariel Buckley and Bros Landreth Something New. Something Blue
Complete Mariel Buckley on Mulligan Stew Podcast and TDM You Tube Channel This Stew on CKUA On Demand
Loving Cup (alternate take) The Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street (deluxe)


Mulligan Stew July 15th 2023- The Summer Stews… The Final Tours


With thanks to Pete Townshend and The Who – lyric from My Generation 1966
Elton John.
The Eagles.
All announcing the final tour of their careers.
Elton finished an epic final tour Saturday in Stockholm.
910 million. In ticket sales.
But before you wave Bub Bye to music heroes of the 70’s and 80’s,  just know there are others out there still moving forward. 
Sting. Clapton. U2. Steely Dan. Fleetwood Mac,  McCartney and Ringo. Dylan. Joni.  Neil,  and The Rolling Stones.
Leading the charge and flying the flag is 73-year-old Bruce Springsteen. 
Bruce is on tour and the other night at the end of a 3-hour set in London’s Hyde Park he told the 63,000 fans about the band he first played with when he was 15.
“Death is like you’re standing on the railway tracks with an oncoming train bearing down on you, but it brings a clarity of thought. It pushes you to seize the day, to savour, with urgency, the time and the people you have left”. And then he sang his final song Last Man Standinga song about the passions of youth, the time in your life when “it’s all hellos” before they are outnumbered by “hard goodbyes”
Instead of trying desperately to be 25, as a much older version of himself, he sings about the years in between. What happened to the listener, the song and himself? Poignant, is a shared deep-felt emotion that will stay with many forever.
Having lived my life with their joyous noise I look forward to celebrating…
The Music – The Songs – The Memories with these songs and how the original lyrics have taken on new meaning. Especially Joni’s.
Bruce – Last Man Standing “When all our summers have come to an end /I’ll see you in my dreams” 
Paul – The End of The End
Elton – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Eagles – The Long Run
Bob Dylan – Forever Young  (Shadow Kingdom)
Stones – The Last Time
Joni – Both sides Now (live)



The Summer Stews Terry David Mulligan @CKUA
Weightless (Live) Matt Anderson and The Mellotones Live at Olympic Hall
The World is a Ghetto Los Lobos Native Sons
Funky Rhetoric Lee Oskar Funky Rhetoric
Freedom Highway Rhiannon Giddens (with Bhi Bhiman) Freedom Highway
Deane House – River Cafe Coming UP on Summer Stew New Buckley [email protected]
Prairie Town Dreams Mariel Buckley Everywhere I used to be (deluxe)
Watching the river flow Duke Robillard Six Strings of Steel
On Broadway Melissa Etheridge On Broadway
The Summer Stews TDMulligan playlist mulliganstewdotca
Dreams to remember Toots and the Maytals Toots in Memphis
Rolling On The Wood Brothers Heart is the Hero
Waiting for the Bus ZZ Top Tres Hombres
Jesus just left Chicago ZZ Top Tres Hombres
Ain’t no sunshine Sting Ten Summoners Tales (deluxe)
These are The Summer Stews Terry David Mulligan Year 27
Thoughts and music on ‘hard goodbyes’ Mulligan Stew with tdm mulliganstewdotca
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (live) Elton John One Night Only
The Long Run (Live) The Eagles Legacy (Santa Monica Civic)
The last time Rolling Stones Singles 63-65
Forever Young Bob Dylan Shadow Kingdom
The end of The End Paul McCartney Memory almost full
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Mulligan Stew July 8th – The Summer Stew! On Demand @CKUA


You can find this  Summer Stew on the @CKUA  – ON DEMAND / 

Its up all week. Please Play at will!!!

The Summer Stews are one big groove burger,  looser, lacking deadlines, and  musically organic.

This week The Summer Stew starts and finishes 2 hours later with The Band.

The donor in the first hour suggested Linda Ronstadt, Ella and Billy Holliday. 

I got Linda in.

(Love Ella and Billy. Just have to find the right groove around them)

I played

Brian Wilson

Sam Phillips walked into Dewey Phillips radio studio in Memphis  at 930pm on July 8, 1954, and handed him an acetate he’d just recorded at Sun Studios. Dewey played That’s all right for the first time and the phones went crazy. and so began the Elvis Presley music career.

Also, John Scofield, Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, Jason Isbell and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Rickie Lee Jones, Joan Osborne, Bahamas, Teskey Bros, John Hiatt and Jerry Douglas, Brandi Carlile, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Rolling Stones Live. I play Billy F Gibbons. He plays a song the credits say he wrote called Crackin up – Cept he didn’t  write it – Bo Diddley did. So I play Bo’s version as well.

New Duke Robillard, Jon Batiste.


Donor in Hour Two suggested  “Summer music”

Out of that suggestion came

Summertime – Gene Harris Quartet – Live

The Beatles

Walk off the Earth

Sly and the Family Stone

The Beach Boys

The Kinks


Summer on folks



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Woody and Dutch on the slow train to Peking Rickie Lee Jones Pirates
Quattro (world drifts in) Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Raise the Roof
Surfs up The Beach Boys Surfs Up
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That’s all right Elvis Presley The Boy from Tupelo
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Shine a light (live) The Rolling Stones Stones Live
Spider Web (live) Joan Osborne Relish (20th Ann. Deluxe)
I got you babe Bahamas (with 400 unit) Live to Tape Vol 1
Take my Heart The Teskey Brothers The Winding Way
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Crackin’ Up Billy F Gibbons The Big Bad Blues
Crackin’ Up Bo Diddley Bo Diddley
I’m gonna be a wheel someday Duke Robillard Six Strings of Steel
Coyotes Banff The Mains – Lunch and Dinner Hey Chef Lucas.!!
Here comes the Sun The Beatles Abby Road
Summer Vibe Walk off the Earth REVO
Hot Fun in the Summertime Sly and the Family Stone Greatest Hits
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Sunny afternoon The Kinks This Time Tomorrow
Thank you for listening -email [email protected] Have a great Summer
Caravan (live) The Band with Van Morrison The Last Waltz