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Tasting Room Radio

September 11th, 2021- Week Four of our Okanagan Reconnect (OK Falls)

Week Four of our Okanagan Reconnect (OK Falls) Presented by The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association The SHOW   Because… Tasting Room Radio started its audio life in a studio in a barn on the Naramata Bench and… Hadn’t been in the Okanagan since  Fall...


EP 173 | David Gogo

Silver Cup is David Gogo’s 16th full album … Feels like he’s shifting gears on his 59 1/2 Mustang. Gone are the amps and electric guitars. This is a rootsy acoustic  Dave GoGo but pushed and supported  by producer Steve Mariner and great session...


Mulligan Stew Radio

Mulligan Stew Sept 11th 2021-Time to remember and honour The Day

On the down sound Summer’s “Done like Dinner” On the upside, The Stew has its full two hours of showtime back again. I do hope you enjoyed this summer’s Festival Radio- Congrats to the Festival Crew. The September 11th Stew is all music. The first...


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