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April 30th, 2022-Chain Reaction Wines (Naramata) & Stillhead Distillery (Duncan)

Chain Reaction Wines (Naramata)   & Stillhead Distillery (Duncan) THE SHOW I “discovered” Chain Reaction Winery through a conversation with DJ Kearney. When DJ asks the question “have you heard of..?” I am totally locked in. DJ is a senior wine educator and an opinion...


Mulligan Stew Podcast-Weekly

EP 205 | Alex Cuba

Born in Cuba,  Alex fell in love with a Canadian beauty & immigrated to Canada.  Alex packed into his belonging’s his many songs and sharp knowledge of the history of Cuban music. Mendo is his 9th album. With those 9 albums, Alex has won 2...


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Mulligan Stew April 16th 2022-Remembering Eddie Cochran

Because we’re all going to be doing a LOT of talking over the next bunch of days – I thought I’d just lay out two hours of tunes and get out of the way. Along the way, I’m celebrating the birthdays of Roy Hamilton...


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