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Tasting Room Radio Podcast-Weekly

Nov 19th, 2022 JAK Meyer & Meyer Family Vineyards release new Chardonnays  

Our Guest is JAK Meyer Co-owner of Meyer Family Vineyard. (just in time for Holiday Cheer weekend in OKFalls/Skaha Lake) “We’ve been nearly sold out of many of our current vintage Chardonnays for quite some time now, so with much anticipation, we’re pleased to...


Mulligan Stew Podcast-Weekly

EP 232 | Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo)

Jim Cuddy joins us at the top of the second hour.   That’s today 6 PM Mtn.  Just about then Blue Rodeo will be backstage at the  Northern Alberta Jube prepping for the second of two nights on that stage.  There’s a nervous energy,...


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Mulligan Stew Nov 19th 2022- Special Guest Jim Cuddy/Blue Rodeo

Jim Cuddy joins us at the top of the second hour. Just about then Blue Rodeo is backstage at the  Northern Alberta Jube getting ready for the second night on that stage. As always,  Jim brings with him great  stories From the studio From...