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September 25th, 2021- The Naramata Shuffle!

THE NARAMATA SHUFFLE (Foxtrot. Moraine. Four Shadows)   THE SHOW We hope you enjoyed our five week, 25 interview road trip through the Okanagan. Along the way we ran into our pal Tina Baird from the Naramata Bench Wineries Association. We’ve known each other...


EP 174 | Martha Wainwright

For some artists that’s an eternity. For Martha it’s called “having a life”. The life included the breakup of her marriage. Fighting for custody of her children.  Opening a bistro that became a studio. Having to justify being a female artist who’s also a...


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Mulligan Stew Sept 18th 2021- Special Guest Martha Wainright

“Fearless, untethered arrangements… Wainwright’s fifth LP has artistry galore” – MOJO **** On par with Patti Smith’s early work with albums such as “Horses” and Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush”  – The Toronto Star Martha has a beautiful new collection of songs called Love will be...


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