andrea Warner

Ep 28 | Andrea Warner on her book Buffy Sainte-Marie: The Authorized Biography-Podcast


Oct 19, 2018

Author and music journalist Andrea Warner joins Terry to discuss her latest book “Buffy Sainte-Marie: The Authorized Biography.” The Vancouver-based writer shares her thoughts on the many milestones, triumphs, and challenges of the Canadian icon’s life and career. The wide-ranging discussion reflects on the “restless mind” that drives Buffy’s artistic approach, her groundbreaking creative accomplishments, and the price she’s paid for her activism (which included being blacklisted in the US).
“Some of her peers wanted to get famous, and make a bunch of money, and be a part of a scene. She wanted to bring rights to Indigenous people. She wanted to stand up to war, and help lead a peace movement and talk about why that’s important,” Andrea shares. “She’s been actively dismantling colonization and colonial violence from the beginning with her work.”