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EP 95 | Andy Shauf-Neon Skyline


Andy Shauf’s new album The Neon Skyline presented in full storytelling concept.

The interconnected songs were all written, performed, arranged and produced by Andy, and follow a simple plot: the narrator goes to his neighborhood dive, finds out his ex is back in town, and she eventually shows up.

Some of his characters can be found in his last album The Party.  All are sympathetic people who share countless inside jokes, shots, and life-or-death musings when the night gets hazy.

It just happens to be one of the best albums I’ve heard in quite a while.  The delight in the songs may not reveal themselves on first listen but the second time..the puzzle starts to show itself.

Please enjoy this chat with a true star in the making…if he wants to go down that road.

Mulligan Stew Feb 22 2020- Andy Shauf – The Neon Skyline


For those music fans who discovered the seductive narrative of  Andy Shauf through his last album The Party, just know that he’s hooked up with three of the party-goers and headed for The Skyline Bar in Parkdale, Toronto.

There’s his buddy Charlie, Rose the bartender and  Judy.

Oh!  His ex is in the bar as well.

You just don’t hear concept albums and certainly not concept songwriting and production at this level.


Amy van Keeken, who knows a thing or two about songwriting wrote me a note ..

The Neon Skyline is so good. Listening to the whole album start to finish

in one go (like people used to do) adds a deeper level of meaning to the songs and the narrative.  It’s brilliant”


Andy’s buddies Foxwarren are up for a Juno Award March 15 but Andy will be in Bourdeaux on tour.

I’ve asked Andy to leave his acceptance speech with us in our chat.

The rest of our two-hour show features handpicked Saturday night music.

JJ Cale

Linda Ronstadt

Steve Miller band

a double shot of Led Zeppelin.

Ry Cooder

Frazey Ford

Bruce Springsteen..

J Geils Band

Muddy Waters – Live in Chicago

Leon Russell

Next WEEK – Gord Sinclair – Formerly of  the Tragically Hip

  TWO WEEKs  Frazey Ford- New album U Kin  B The Sun


The Stew Feb 22 2020 Mulligan Stew – Special Guest is Andy Shauf Playlist
Call me the breeze JJ Cale Naturally
Miss Ann Delaney and Bonnie To Bonnie from Delaney
I put a spell on you CCR CCR
My blue tears Linda Ronstadt Get Closer Coming UP – All Vinyl Bruuuuce
The Tower Savvie Night Eyes
Jailer Jailer High Bar Gang Someday the heart will trouble the mind
Mulligan Stew – Year 25 Coming UP – Steve Miller, Led Zep and Paul Simon playlist
Lucky man Steve Miller Band Sailor
Gangster of Love Steve Miller Band Sailor
You’re so fine Steve Miller Band Sailor
The After Life Paul Simon So beautiful So what
Poor Tom Led Zeppelin Coda Special Guest Andy Shauf NEXT – New/Old Zep
Sunshine Woman Led Zeppelin The Complete BBC Sessions
Where’s my love Sam Bush Storyman
Coming Up in 30 minutes Andy Shauf
Mercy Mercy Me Marvin Gaye Greatest Hits
Mulligan Stew – Year 25 Andy Shauf brings new music and local dates Coming Up a double shot of Springsteen – on Vinyl
Raise your hand (live) Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Live 75/85
Cadillac Ranch (live) Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Live 75/85
Wait (Live) J Geils Band Anthology TDM Coming UP – Andy Shauf
Long Distance Call (live) Muddy Waters Fathers and Sons
Duke of Earl Gene Daniels Best of
School is out Ry Cooder Showtime
masters of war leon russell Leon Russell
Playlist NEXT – Andy Shauf Neon Skyline
Andy Shauf Interview Neon Skyline
Neon Skyline Andy Shauf Neon Skyline
Andy Shauf Interview Neon Skyline
Living Room Andy Shauf Neon Skyline
Andy Shauf Interview Neon Skyline
Dust Kids Andy Shauf Neon Skyline
Andy Shauf Interview Neon Skyline
Things I do andy shauf Neon Skyline
Money Can’t buy Frazey Ford U kin b the Sun
no pareticular placxe to go Chuck Berry greatest hits