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Mulligan Stew Aug 28th 2021-Remembering Charlie Watts and The Last Waltz. Plus My Name is Suzie Ungerleider


We have three separate stories to tell this week.

The loss of Charlie Watts

Remembering The Last Waltz

And My Name is Suzie Ungerleider

Most Stews have found their shape by this time in the week…

But every week throws something unexpected at you. Like the death of legendary drummer Charlie Watts.

For some music fans, the name Charlie Watts is the last name mentioned in The Rolling Stones line-up.

“and on drums…Charlie Watts”

For me and MANY music fans Charlie Watts was The Stones.

While Keith and Mick and Ronnie were wanking about center stage Charlie was the engine that drove everything.

Keith has said many times, it’s Charlie that I follow. He tells me what and where to play. He gave us all the space to create in.

The  voices in this Stew will be

Colin Linden

Russell Broom

Barney Bentall.

Suzie Ungerleider

Colin and Barney are two of the performers in Remembering The Last Waltz.  A four-night celebration in Edmonton and Calgary of the 45th anniversary of one of the greatest nights in rock and roll.

Performers also  include Jimmy Rankin, Dustin Bentall, and  Michael Bernard Fitzgerald. Producer, arranger, writer, musician Russell Broom leads a great band.


Sept 2/3 Jubilee Calgary

Sept 9/10 Jubilee Edmonton

Barney, Colin, and Russell all have strong memories of Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts and what The Last Waltz meant to them.

(when it first came out Barney saw the film 6 nights in a row)


My Name Is  Suzie Ungerleider is the latest from an artist we all knew as Oh Suzanna.

10 albums into a career that started in Vancouver,  then many years in Toronto, and now back home in Vancouver.

The new album is really well written and performed in a voice we haven’t heard from Suzie before.  Feels very much like a turning point.

As for the rest of the show, we make room for

The Everly Brothers…The Wood Brothers…Bros. Landreth.

Bill Withers Live

Steely Dan Live


The Band


Los Lobos

Fretless/Nuela Charles

Masks ON?  Let’s go!


The Complete set on interviews  Suzie, Barney, Colin and Russell can be heard on The MulliganStew Podcast  (Posts Saturday night at 6Pacific/7 Mtn)

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Mulligan Stew Aug 28 2021 Masks ON
This is The Stew with TDMulligan
When will I be loved Everly Brothers The Fabulolus Style of Every Brothers
Get out my life woman The Wood brothers Virgin Digital Sessions
Peace Train Bros. Landreth with Murray Pulver Single
The Stew with TDMulligan We Honour Charlie Watts Next
Colin Linden Interview Thoughts on Charlie Watts
MoonLight Mile The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers
Tumbling Dice The Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street
Barney Bentall Interview Thoughts on Charlie Watts
Monkey Man The Rolling Stones Let it Bleed
Russell Broom Interview Thoughts on Charlie Watts
Little Red Rooster (mono) The Rolling Stones Singles 63-65
Mulligan Stew Coming UP – Suzie Ungerleider Plus Last Waltz
Use Me (live) Bill Withers Live at Carnegie Hall
Hey Nineteen (live) Steely Dan North East Corridor LIVE
For what it’s worth Los Lobos Native Sons
Stay The Fretless with Nuela Charles single
Suzie Ungerleider I am Suzie Ungerleider
Mount Royal Suzie Ungerleider I am Suzie Ungerleider
Suzie Ungerleider Suzie Ungerleider
Summer Baby Suzie Ungerleider I am Suzie Ungerleider
Suzie Ungerleider Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast NEXT Remembering The Last Waltz NEXT – Russell Broom The Last Waltz
Russell Broom Interview Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Down South in New Orleans (live) The Band The Last Waltz (deluxe)
Barney Bentall Interview Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Out of the blue The Band The Last Waltz (deluxe)
Colin Linden Interview Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Ophelia (Live) The Band The Last Waltz (deluxe)

Mulligan Stew Dec 19th 2020- Christmas in the Round-The Home Cooked Sessions!


Christmas in the Round began in the late ’70s in an old CBC  radio studio – How Old? It was above the lobby of the Hotel Vancouver.

Back then it was called Christmas Jam.

Through the guidance of Producer Susan Englebert, Shari Ulrich, Roy Forbes, Terry Frewer, Claire Lawrence and myself told Christmas stories and sang Christmas songs. Guests over those years included Valdy, Colleen Peterson and many more.

We lost our dear friend Susan Englebert to Cancer and we dedicate these shows to her memory. Her best guidance on the day was to hide the wine between songs.)

The whole idea disappeared with losing Susan and getting on with our lives and careers.

When Don Shafer created Roundhouse Radio in Vancouver Shari and I started talking about bringing back the concept as  Christmas in the Round.  Here we are at Year 4.  Guests have included  Barney Bentall, Bill Henderson, Jim Byrnes, Roy Forbes, Craig Northey, Shawn Verreault, and more.

This year we gathered on Side Door Access to raise funds for Food Banks in Toronto, Salt Spring island, and Potluck Café Society – East End of Vancouver.

The music and stories you hear came from that Web Broadcast. We thank  Shari Ulrich Mark Busse and  all involved.

Plus  Duke Paetz at CKUA for the huge assist and Corey Wood for online creative and hand-holding.



This years Guests and their songs




Sending out a message to you –


(co-write with Murray)

From Murray’s  Gilliver’s Taxi.  1996    Produced by Barney

Song also appears on BTU – Bentall-Taylor-Ulrich album Tightrope Walk (2016)

No Good time to go

Barney’s Band  – THE CARIBOO EXPRESS – traditionally have toured this time of year raising funds for Foodbanks wherever you played.

Over 15 Years Barney and the ever-changing artists have raised over $1 Million Dollars








BILL HENDERSON  on Salt Spring Island

Up above my head

There must be some way

Dusty Old Guitar


A Thompson Day

Love can’t tell time

Old Tin Star

We have all gathered here on Mulligan Stew to bring Joy to your home and awareness to and appreciation of – Alberta’s Food Banks.

They were truly challenged in 2020.

Please consider donating to your local or provincial food banks

All of the details can be found at

Merry Christmas ALL – you are not alone. We are right here with you..

Thanks to Barney. Shari. Bill and Murray – with a Duke Chaser.

EP 112 | Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall on Fathers Day


Hello all.

I hope you are safe and well and happy.

Welcome to The Mulligan Stew Podcast. We’re over 100 shows now…

OK. Its Fathers Day weekend.

It’s also Summer Solstice

I always hear a phrase…. “I’m in the family business”

Now, that works if your family are Store Owners, or Office Workers, Doctors. Nurses. Teachers. Farmers etc.

We have two guests today who are friends and fathers.

Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo and The Jim Cuddy Band.

Barney Bentall. Leader of Cariboo Express. High Bar Gang. BYU and his own solo career.


How has the family dynamic changed when their sons and daughters follow them in the music business.

Share the stage. Maybe even write songs together. (maybe being the keyword)

And how do family members like being the subject of songs they hear on the radio?

I was excited to get these two pals together and exchange life experiences.

We connected on Zoom and you can find the complete conversation below:

Mulligan Stew June 20th 2020- Fathers day-Guests Barney Bentall and Jim Cuddy!



Saturday is June 20th, 2020

It’s a very special weekend.

First, it’s National Indigenous Peoples Day.

It’s also Summer Solstice

Its Fathers Day


It’s National “have you seen my keys” Day

To celebrate Father’s Day, I’ve asked two music dads to guest.

Barney Bentall, who has a son Dustin and daughter Jess in the music business. Both are working on expanding careers.

Jim Cuddy has two sons Devin and Sam well on their way to careers in our music business.

Jim and Barn are pals and we trade stories of trying to help your kids without being seen as helping.

The possibility of songwriting with your family. (Tricky)

Performing with kids.

And how families react to being the subject of songs.

There’s a lot to like here.

The complete conversation can be heard by subscribing to MulliganStew Podcast (Spotify. Google play. Apple podcasts)

Or go to my podcast for the Zoom video and Audio:

EP 112 | Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall on Fathers Day

We also have a last 30-minute jazz feature to celebrate the online events this weekend of the Edmonton Jazz Festival.

We welcome Kent Sangster – Artistic Director and Producer

Andrew Glover and play you some tracks.

Bob Dylan’s 39th album Rough and Rowdy Ways comes out Friday.

I have the true pleasure of playing an epic song – Murder Most Foul. Its 16:57 of heartfelt history based on the Kennedy Assassination.

It appears Bob has given the World another musical turning point.

Also played False Prophet..a truly great blues classic.

Got some Little Feat Live..Santana…Kinks..kd lang, and Black Pumas week our guest is Corb Lund and his just-released album Agricultural Tragic

And in two weeks Eric Burton, songwriter and lead singer of Black Pumas.


Mulligan Stew with TDMulligan June 20 2020
Welcome to The Stew with TDMulligan Special Fathers Day Guests Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall
False prophet Bob Dylan rough and rowdy ways
black moon rising black pumas black pumas
Sideways Santana and Citizen Cope Shaman Tonight – Fathers Day with Barney Bentall and Jim Cuddy Coming UP – The Kinks-kdlang
waterloo sunset (mono) The Kinks Something else (deluxe) Coming UP – kdlang and little feat live
Miss Chatelaine kd lang Ingenue
shine it medeski, martin and wood end of the world party TD Mulligan NEXT – Little Feat and New Dylan
Time loves a hero (live) Little Feat Waiting for Columbus
Day or Night (live) Little Feat Waiting for Columbus
NEXT – A New Bob Dylan classic
Murder most foul Bob Dylan Rough and rowdy ways
This is Mulligan Stew NEXT – Barney and Jim – talk about being musical Fathers
Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall Interview On being musical Fathers
The Miner Barney Bentgall The Drifter and the Preacher
Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall Interview Complete interview on MulliganStew Podcast
Til I am myself again Blue Rodeo Greatest Hits
Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall Interview Complete interview on MulliganStew Podcast
Won’t change the World Barney Bentgall The Drifter and the Preacher
Edmonton Jazz Festival Interviews Kent Sangster – Artistic Director and Producer
Bria Skonberg Big Yellow Taxi so is the day
Edmonton Jazz Festival Andrew Glover Interview
Rushing River Andrew Glover Band Smooth
Edmonton Jazz Festival Andrew Glover Interview
Gaga Andrew Glover Band smooth
Mulligan Stew with TDMulligan Happy Fathers Day
dance me to the end of love Bria Skonberg with a twist

Mulligan Stew October14th 2017-Barney Bentall–The Preacher and The Drifter



As  Chevy Chase told Dan Aykroyd and  Gilda Radner  on SNL years ago..”New Shimmer is  a floor wax AND a desert topping”
Today’s Mulligan Stew is New Shimmer in music form.
Yes its 2 hours of boogie, soul, rock, and blues
BUT it’s also an interview stage…I get to interview Barney Bentall under an apple tree at this summer’s Filberg Festival in Courtney/Comox.

On Friday Barney released The Drifter and The Preacher,  his first solo album in 5 years and it’s a beauty. Strong songs with appearances by son Dustin, by pal Jim Cuddy and a song for a dear friend John Mann from Spirit of the West.  There’s also news about a John Mann night at the Commodore Nov 19 with a true all-star cast.
We also hope to find Terra Lightfoot in a car on her way to The Winspear in Edmonton. She’s opening for WhiteHorse tonight and all across the country.

Wednesday in Mission BC and Thursday at The Vogue in Vancouver.
In between all of this chat we’re also doing a guitar special.  Not your wanking,  string bending, watch my fingers guitar playing but people who actually changed music and were copied by all who followed.
Such as Clapton, Jimi, SRV, BB, Ry, Steve Cropper, Sister Rosetta Tharpe and all the guys who backed up James Brown.
Lots of pickers on this show.
Let me leave you with a thought for the day…

New Shimmer ”for the greatest shine you ever tasted”

Cheers, TDM


Mulligan Stew for you with TD Mulligan October 14 2017
The shape i’m in Jim Byrnes Long Hot Summer Days
2:19 John Hammond Wicked Grin
I think it’s going to work out fine Ry Cooder Bop til you Drop Barney Bentall in 15 minutes
I got a feeling (live) Pearl Jam Lets play two
It fills you up Colin james Limelight
Mulligan Stew for you NEXT Barney B
Barney Bentall Interview with tdm
The Drifter Barney Bentall The Drifter and the Preacher
Barney Bentall Interview with tdm
The Miner Barney Bentall The Drifter and the Preacher
Barney Bentall Interview with tdm
Hey Mama Barney Bentall The Drifter and the Preacher
barney bentall interview
Won’t change the World barney bentall The Drifter and the Preacher
TD Mulligan/Mulligan Stew
Barney Bentall Interview
Say goodbye to Albert Comfort Barney Bentall The Drifter and the Preacher
Barney Bentall Interview
Mulligan Stew with Terry David Mulligan
Riding with the King BB King and Eric Clapton Riding with the King
Pride (in the name of love) U2 Best of 80/90
Big Love (live) Fleetwood Mac The Dance
Old Slewfoot Blackie and the Rodeo Kings Lets frolic again
Start me up The Rolling Stones Tattoo You
Mulligan Stew
Little Wing Jimi Hendrix Axis Bold as Love
Cinamon Girl Neil Young Everybdy knows this is nowhere
Aint no Grave can hold my body down Sister Rosetta Tharpe This Train
Love struck baby (live) Stevie Ray Vaughn Live Alive
NEXT – Terra Lightfoot. Heading for the gig
Terra Lightfoot interview
Slick Back Kid Terra Lightfoot New Mistakes
Mulligan Stew with Terry David Mulligan
Get on up James Brown and the Famous Flames Best of

December 26th 2015-Christmas in the Round!



Bentall, Byrnes, Forbes, Mulligan, Northey, Ulrich, and Verreault (Image: supplied)

Bentall, Byrnes, Forbes, Mulligan, Northey, Ulrich, and Verreault (Image: supplied)

Many years ago on a CBC Radio show called Goldrush we used to celebrate Christmas by gathering in a studio and asking artists to share Christmas stories and songs.
The producer was the late Susan Englebert. This show is dedicated to her memory.
Two of the artists back then were Roy Forbes and Shari Ulrich.
Over the years we’ve always talked about how much fun it was and that we should do it again.
I never considered the possibilities UNTIL Roundhouse Radio signed on air in Vancouver and I was asked to do a one hour – 12-1PM arts and culture show.
Essentially singer/songwriters and bands playing live in studio.
As they came through I started to realize that it was possible to revive a tradition.
As Barney Bentall, Shari Ulrich, Roy Forbes, Shaun Verreault, Jim Byrnes and Craig Northey passed through the studios I asked each if they would like to do Christmas in the Round.
They all said yes.
And it is.
Recorded in the boardroom because we didn’t want to disturb the on air hosts and guests..we pushed back the furniture, dimmed the lights, opened some wines, spread out some food and had at it.
Jim Byrnes was up first because he was on stage  2 hours later  as Scrooge in a production of Bah Humbug!
Shari’s daughter Julia Graff was our audio about coming full circle.
With Thanks to our production group Monique McQueen and Cory Price. and our friends at Haywire/Okanagan Crush Pad
(Please excuse the Roundhouse Radio references..FYI..when I use Stew interviews in Vancouver I always try and leave the CKUA references in)
Here’s the line – up
Jim Byrnes – Please come home for Christmas
Craig Northey – Christmas, baby please come home
Shari Ulrich – Hear the bells ring
Barney Bentall – Christmas must be Tonight
Shaun Verreault – Rockin around the Christmas Tree
Roy Forbes – Mincemeat Tart
Group Encore
The Huron Carole (Shari lead)
Santa Clause is back in town (Roy lead)
Christmas in the Round on Roundhouse Radio airs 

  • Wednesday Dec 23  Noon/9PM
  • Thursday Dec 24  Noon/7PM
  • Boxing Day December 26  Noon

And also on Boxing Day 5-7PM  on Mulligan Stew
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


Its the Boxing Day edition of Mulligan Stew Playlist at Christmas in the Round/Hour Two
Caravan (live) The Band and Van Morrison The Last Waltz
Mr Soul (live) Neil Young and Crazy Horse Year of the Horse
Season of the Witch (live) Mike Bloomfield/Al Kooper/Steve Stills Live from F. EastThe lost concert
Its the Boxing Day edition of Mulligan Stew Coming UP – Christmas in the Round/Hour Two
Knob and Tube Colin Linden Rich in Love
Its the Boxing Day edition of Mulligan Stew Playlist at Coming UP – Christmas in the Round/Hour Two
Mercy Now Mike Ferris Shine for all the people
Someday baby Bob Dylan Bob Dylan
She’s got you Rhiannon Giddons Tomorrow is my turn
(You aint a cowboy) until you’ve been bucked off Corb Lund Cabin Fever
Its the Boxing Day edition of Mulligan Stew Coming UP – Christmas in the Round/Hour Two
Anyhow Tedeschi Trucks Band Let me get by
Mulligan Stew – Year 20 Playlist at Have a great New Years
Christmas in the Round Live from Railtown on Roundhouse Radio playlist
Please come home for Christmas Jim Byrnes Christmas in the Round
Christmas in the Round Live from Railtown on Roundhouse Radio
Baby please come home Craig Northey
christmas in the round Live from Railtown on Roundhouse Radio
Hear the bells ring Shari Ulrich
christmas in the round Live from Railtown on Roundhouse Radio
Christmas must be tonight Barney Bentall
Deck the Halls REM
This is the Box Day edition of Mulligan Stew Playlist
Christmas in the Round Live from Railtown on Roundhouse Radio
Rocking around the christmas Tree Shaun Verreault
Christmas in the Round
Mincemeat Tart Roy Forbes
Christmas in the Round
The Huron Carol Shari Ulrich
Christmas in the Round
Santa Clause is back in town Roy Forbes
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Thanks to Monique McQueen, Cory Price and Julia Graff
If we make it through December Blue Rodeo A Merrie Christmas to you

Mulligan Stew October 31st 2015-Barney Bentall & Sean Mcann Interviews


A load of great music ..much of it meant for the Fall Fundraiser but never played
Jackson Browne and David Lindley Live in Spain
Kdlang – Helpless
Stones/Springsteen live in Dublin/The Rev Al Green/Leeroy Stagger.
The great John Lennon/ Allman brothers/Taj Maha.
We have two guests on todays show…
Barney Bentall in his role as the leader of The Cariboo Express.
A loose band of gypsies who play seriously deep roots music..
With dates in Calgary’s Theatre Junction Grand Friday Nov 6
And Next Saturday Nov 7 at the Citadel Theatre
The Cariboo Express this time around includes
Matt Masters
Dustin Bentall
Leeroy Stagger
Jeffrey Hatcher
Jim Byrnes
Wendy Bird and Kirby Barber

Details at
Our second guest is Sean McCann, formerly of Great Big Sea.
Sean is a wide open book these days..and very happy for it.
He admits to battling alcohol to save himself and his family.
Abused by a Priest at the age of 15..he overcame that as well..speaks openly of it.
And is making fabulous music.. Have a listen
His second solo LP You know I love you was just released.
And his touring through the West.
Nov 11 Fratter’s Speakeasy Red Deer AB
Nov 12 The Mercury Room Edmonton
Nov 13 Vic Juba Community Theatre Lloydminster AB
Nov15 Communitea Canmore AB
Nov 16 The Ironwood Stage Calgary AB
Nov 18 The Geomatic Attic Lethbridge AB
Happy Halloween… TDM


Baby please don’t go Billy Gibbons and BFG’s Perfectamundo
Born Free Dione Taylor Born Free
Stand by me (live in letterman) Tracey Chapman single
Cloudbusting Mathew Good/Holly McNarland Chaotic Neutral
This is The Stew with TD Mulligan Coming UP Barney Bentall & Sean McCann
3 o’clock in the morning Jimmy Smith with BB King Dotcom Blues
Mulligan Stew on CKUA Radio Next Barney Bentall interview
Running on empty (live) Jackson Browne/David Lindley/En Vivo con Tito Love is Strange
Love is strange/Stay (live) Jackson Browne/David Lindley/En Vivo con Tito Love is Strange
Helpless kdlang Recollection
Barney Bentall Interview on Cariboo Express
Setting the woods on Fire Cariboo Express (live)
This is The Stew with TD Mulligan NEXT – Stones/Bruce/All Green/Leeroy Stagger playlist
Beast of Burden The Rolling Stones Some Girls (deluxe)
Blinded by the light (live) Bruce Springsteen and the Session band Live in Dublin
Take me to the river Al Green Al Green explores your mind
One Perfect wave Leeroy Stagger Dream it all away
This is The Stew with TD Mulligan playlist
Watching the Wheels John Lennon Gimme sometruth
Freefalling John Mayer Pure(ly) Acoustic
The Stew with Terry David Mulligan Year 20 coming up – Sean McCann
Come on in my kitchen Allman Brothers Shades of two worlds
Senor Blues Tay Mahal Best of Private Years
Sean McCann Interview LP – You know I love you
Rise and Fall Sean McCann you know i love you
Sean McCann Interview LP – You know I love you
you know i love you Sean McCann you know i love you

Mulligan Stew Nov 2nd


Two – count em – two guests on this Stew. Martha Wainwright..of the Wainwrights – has two dates at festival Hall Calgary Nov 7/8. We talk about the loss of her Mother Kate and life amongst The McGarrigles/Wainwrights. Also wonderful stories about Sing me the Songs, the film she and Rufus shot in tribute to their Mother (it will show in Calgary) And her fourth studio LP Come Home to Mama!!   Catch her this time around if you can because she’s pregnant and taking time off to be a Mom.              The High Bar Gang has yet to tour but that’s because getting them all together is like herding cats. I talk to Barney Bentall and Colin Nairn about The Gang and how it all came to be. This is not Mulligan Stew music per se but these are absolutely Mulligan Stew people.


Hang Loose Alabama Shakes Boys and Girls
Help Me Harry Manx West eats Meet
I dont need no Doctor Joan Osborne Bring it on home
Lindi Ortega Interview Tin Star CD
All these cats Lindi Ortega Tin Star CD
Lindi Ortega Interview tin star
Tin Star Lindi Ortega tin star
Host TDM Mulligan Stew
Into the Mystic (live) Van Morrison At the movies
 Barney bentall. Colin nairn The High Bar gang Interview
 Paul and Silas The High Bar Gang Lost & Undone
Barney and Colin The High Bar Gang Interview
 Hand in hand with Jesus The High Bar Gang Lost and Undone
Barney and Colin The High Bar Gang Interview
Green pastures in the Sky The High Bar Gang Lost and Undone
Barney and Colin The High Bar Gang Interview
 all my Tears The High Bar Gang Lost and Undone
Hour Two Of Da Stew Hallo
Crazy bout an automobile Ry Cooder & Corridos Famosos Live at Great Amerciacan Music Hall
Route 66 John Mayer Cars Soundtrack
Son of a Preacher Man (live) Joss Stone Introducing Joss Stone
Sailing Shoes Randy Newman. Valerie Carter Rock and Roll Doctor
Breakdown (live) Tom Petty/Heartbreakers Pack up the Plantation
Host tdm the stew
Martha Wainwright Interview Come Home to Mama CD
Proserpina Martha Wainwright Come home to Mama
martha Wainwright Interview
Martha and Rufus Wainwright I am a Diamond Sing me the Songs
Martha Wainwright Interview
can u believe it Martha Wainwright Come home to mama
Martha Wainwright Interview
Kate McGarrigle I just want to make it last Sing me the songs


Mulligan Stew March 30th



Dion Yo Frankie
Carolina chocolate drops Chimes of Freedom
Neville Bros Brothers Keeper
CCR Cosmos Factory
James Hunter Six Minute by Minute
Dave Mathews Band Big Whiskey
Dion The road I’m on
bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks
Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks
Dylan Blood on the Tracks
dylan Blood on the Tracks
Dylan Blood on the Tracks
curtis mayfield mojo. Nov 2006
ray charles ultimate hits
Elvis Costello return of the SS Songbook
the Temptations best of
etta james best of
eric clapton japanese EP
black sheep Kings and Queens
james brown Startime
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers pack up the plantation
kd lang juno performance edmonton


Mulligan Stew Feb 9th


bentallIn hour one of this Saturdays’ show its Dustin Bentall, on the road on tour somewhere between Cleveland and Chicago.
He talks about that life and his music and of course his family.
Currrent release is the Orion EP.
Plays Calgary with Lindi Ortega Feb 16 The Palomino
Edmonton Feb 17 Avenue Theatre
Jasper Legion Feb 18
“There’s no question I’ve learned more from him than anyone else in the business. He never pushed the guitar on me but was always there to answer any questions I had, and left the actual learning up to me. I spent a few years wishing he had cracked the whip a little more but I have come to realize that the style I have developed has been a product of my own chosen influences. The old man proved over and over that he can rock with the best of them. I’ve always been really proud of that and hoped that it’s written in my DNA”
In Hour Two it’s a his Father Barney Bentall, himself on the road in the Okanagan.
Barney’s latest release is the sublime Flesh and Bone.
In addition to the theme of renewal, Flesh & Bone represents a full circle journey for Barney Bentall.
“When I started my career, we had no industry experience. We did everything ourselves – often poorly. Then came the record label and the record label dollars. For Flesh & Bone, we just went into the studio free of judgement and recorded songs the way we used to, but with a few more years under our belts, a different perspective and hopefully a little more wisdom,”
Barney Bentall has also established a sense of community within the music industry through The Grand Cariboo Opry, a one of a kind event that harkens back to a simpler time. Consisting of two generations of some of Canada’s finest roots and country musicians, The Grand Cariboo Opry is about laughter, storytelling, and the timeless sound of contemporary songwriters steeped in tradition. Regular guests include Ridley Bent, Leeroy Stagger, Barney’s son Dustin Bentall, Kendel Carson, Matt Masters, Wendy Bird, Steve Dawson, and The High Bar Gang to name a few.
With the release of Flesh & Bone Barney Bentall is set to continue his journey and share his stories with audiences coast to coast.

Saw her standing there The Beatles Past Masters
Love me Do The Beatles Past Masters
All my Lovin’ The beatles Red LP
I want to hold your hand The Beatles Past Masters
Old Folks Boogie Little Feat High Wire Act – Live in St Louis
Punish the Monkey Mark Knopfler Kill to get crimson
Good times roll Steve Miller Bingo
Souvenirs Dustin Bentall and the Smokes Orion EP
Don’t want to hear it Lindi Ortega and The smokes Cigarettes and Truckstops
Ballad of Billy Cowsill Dustin Bentall and the Smokes Orion EP
Gotta Serve Somebody Shirely Caeser masked and Anonymous
White boy Lost in the Blues Lyle Lovett Release Me
Willie and The Hand Jive Amos Garrett Live off the Floor
She got Kick Ben Harper/Charlie Musslewhite Get Up
Margie Ray Charles Live in Concert
I hear you knocking Rockpile Live at Montreaux 1980
Waitress Boy Mutual Friends
 The Shoop Shoop Song Betty Everett Oldies but goodies
You Send Me (demo) Sam Cooke Best of
One Fine Day Barney Bentall Flesh and Bone
Four went to war Barney Bentall Flesh and Bone
St. Valentine’s Day Barney bentall Flesh and Bone
The Ballad of Johnny Hooker Barney Bentall Flesh and Bone