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“Before the pandemic, I felt burnt out, I was exhausted, I was getting sick. It wasn’t great, from a mental health perspective and a physical health perspective. In fact, it was quite terrible at points. And now we’re opening things up, and I think a lot of people are asking themselves, ‘What do I keep? What do I bring with me into this new open world, back into social situations?’ ”


I’m reconnecting with a lot of people and a lot of old friends and my parent’s friends and all those kinds of things,” he says of being back home in New Brunswick without losing any musical momentum. “I think it also gives you a sense that it’s a special career and a bizarre and interesting and magical profession that I’m lucky to do”

Saltwire – Atlantic

David Myles and I shared the airwaves at CKUA. Me with The Stew and he with Myles from Home

He did, however, close Myles from Home so he could restart his singing and songwriting career after the pandemic. Also so he could heal himself, as he will explain.

His new album  It’s only a little loneliness has the same sweet voice, dry humor, and sharp human focus that’s made him so popular.

Tracks included are

  • It’s only a little loneliness
  • Making’ Believe
  • Mystery
  • When it comes to my turn
  • You can’t hurt me
  • Solitaire

He is back on tour now..click on the link below for dates and times.

He returns to Alberta for dates Oct 19/20



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