Frazey Ford

EP 166 | Frazey Ford


Frazey Ford.

In a music business filled to the brim with coulda, shoulda and woulda’s – Frazey Ford is the real deal.

Her latest album is U kin B the Sun

Behind a singular comfortable on a folk festival stage in Calgary as a jazz festival stage in London (2 nights) ..she is a joy to hear and behold.

Frazey has overcome.

Family dynamics, bullying and abuse, the recent loss of 2 family members, and a male-dominated music business.

The first of four outstanding podcasts – we begin this journey with Frazey Ford.

Next week William Prince

Mulligan Stew July 24th 2021-Dan Mangan. Frazey Ford. Tom Wilson. William Prince!


The guests Dan Mangan. Frazey Ford. Tom Wilson. William Prince!


It’s a long story.

2020 was set up to be a banner year in music.

Then the Covid Pandemic struck worldwide.

Tours,  events, and festivals were canceled. Overnight!

So, 18 months later it’s a big deal when the Calgary Folk Music Festival announces 7 days and nights of live music.

From July 22-28.

We are blessed to have four of the headliners on Saturday’s Mulligan Stew.

Tom Wilson  (and Iskwe) – Saturday, July 24

Dan Mangan – Monday, July 26

Frazey Ford – Tuesday, July 27

William Prince – Wednesday, July 28

The complete interviews will be heard one at a time  on the next four Mulligan Stew Podcasts.                         Starting this Saturday with Frazey Ford

Lots of stories to tell. Battles to win.

PLUS a great music playlist below…check us OUT!!




Mulligan Stew July 24 Guests Frazey Ford. Dan Mangan. Tom Wilson. William Prince. 530-7PM
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My babe Whitehorse The Northern South Vol 1
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This is Mulligan Stew Guests Frazey Ford. Dan Mangan. Tom Wilson. William Prince.
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William Prince Interview
Wasted William Prince Reliever
This is Mulligan Stew with tdm Coming UP – Interviews with Frazey Ford. Tom Wilson and Dan Mangan
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Frazey Ford Interview

The complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Azad Frazey Ford U Kin B the Sun
On Broadway The Drifters Best of
Framed Los Lobos La Bamba
Tom Wilson Interview Appeared Saturday at Summer Serenade
Starless Nights Eskwe and Tom Wilson Single
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Mulligan Stew March 7th 2020- Special Guest Frazey Ford


March 7 brings the return of Frazey Ford, although she never really went away. We just kept playing Indian Ocean until the first teaser singles started to show a couple of months back. Sneaky good tracks here with a really fine band. Songs that start low and quiet ended up doing a slow burn   Frazey talks about Azad the lead track. A very personal story about her sister and her family. Same with Purple and Brown. This interview. 

It’s not about tour dates or summer plans. Its all about her life growing up with her Hippie draft-dodging parents and her larger than life Mom. I wouldn’t be surprised if Frazey is #1  on the CKUA top 30 albums. We love the person and her music and we’re not the only ones.  

Playlist includes Bowie and Queen, Puss N Boots, Alan Doyle and his #1 Country album in Canad (what??) Andy Shaun and Nathaniel Rateliff (who will be a guest in 2-3 weeks)Got some Rory Block, Laurie Anderson, Van the Man Live, New Wood Bros, Tami Neilson back to back with Leeroy Stagger and Rocking Roy Forbes and his new album. Edge of Blue Heads UP. Future guests include William Prince. Nathaniel Rateliff. Roy Forbes.



Mulligan Stew – Year 25 Todays Special Guest – Frazey Ford
Money can’t buy Frazey Ford U Kin b The Sun
under pressure queen and david bowie atomic blonde soundtrack
angel dream puss n boots Sister
Sweet Inspiration Derek Trucks Band Already Free Todays Special Guest – Frazey Ford
I gotta go Alan Doyle Rough side out
and it’s still alright Nathaniel Rateliff and it’s still alright
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The Stew – Year 25
Caravan (live) The Band with Van Morrison The Last Waltz
Little Blue The Wood Brothers Kingdom in my Mind
In my girlish days Rory Block Prove it on me
TD Mulligan – The Stew Coming UP – Frazey Ford
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Bring that thing (live) Harry Manx Harry Manx Live
Coming UP – Frazey Ford Interview Complete interview at Mulligan Stew Podcast
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NEXT – Frazey Ford
Frazey Ford Interview Full Interview
Holding it down Frazey Ford U Kin b The Sun
Frazey Ford Interview Full Interview
Azad Frazey Ford U Kin b The Sun
Frazey Ford Interview Full Interview
Purple and Brown Frazey Ford U Kin b The Sun
Frazey Ford Interview Full Interview Next – Blackie and Dylan. Plus New Rockin Roy Forbes
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Big mouth shut Roy Forbes Edge of Blue Thanks for listening – Next Week – Wm Prince
done tore your playhouse down King Biscuit Boy Gooduns

EP 97 | Frazey Ford- U KIN B THE SUN


“Don’t be fooled by the glittery jumpsuit. Frazey Ford is out for blood.” – NPR


Frazey Ford releases U kin b The Sun. It’s stunning.
Currently the Number 1 album on the CKUA Top 30. For the second week in a row
Or maybe it’s three. Frazey Ford is a blur.

One of her messages is…
Get out of the way
You’ve had your day 
And it’s no longer how we gon’ play
The kids are having none of it.
From: The kids are having none of it. 
This is the complete podcast interview. With tracks 
Purple and Brown


Mulligan Stew Dec 27th- Frazey Ford Interview


Follow Frazey: @FrazeyFord


Documentary filmmaker Robert Gordon was driving down a Memphis road when
Frazey Ford stopped him dead in his tracks.
Ford was on the radio singing If You Gonna Go, a song from her 2010 album
Obadiah. To Gordon, it felt as if Ford was channeling the spirit of Memphis
soul, a topic he was documenting at the time, focusing on soul icon Al
Green, producer Willie Mitchell and Memphis’ famous Royal Recording Studio,
where Green cut some of his classic recordings.
He immediately called the radio station to find out who was playing, and
invited Ford to come down to Tennessee.
What Gordon didn’t know was that the Vancouver-based singer-songwriter – who
is also a member of roots-folk trio Be Good Tanyas – had been a longtime Al
Green fan, and that one of her dreams was to one day work with Green’s famed
Hi Rhythm Section: organist Charles Hodges, Sr., bassist Leroy “Flick”
Hodges and guitarist Mabon “Teenie” Hodges.
“(Gordon) looked me up and sent me an email asking if I wanted to come work
with those guys,” Ford said in a phone interview. “It took me about a month
to respond because I was so in shock. I’ve been obsessed with that band and
those particular musicians most of my musical (life).
“It was too much of a bizarre dream come true.”
Ironically, it had never occurred to Ford, who had first heard Green’s
classic album Love And Happiness while sojourning in London in the early
’90s, to reach out to Mitchell and the Hodges brothers on her own.
“In the Be Good Tanyas, I was always used to working with my own band,” Ford
said. “When I set out solo, I took (guitarist) Trish (Klein, also from Be
Good Tanyas) and John (Raham, the Be Good Tanyas’ drummer) – I work within a
circle of people that I knew and was comfortable with. So to go and do a
whole album with these new people was a very expanding experience for me.”
The resulting album, Ford’s superb sophomore solo effort Indian Ocean, was
recorded in multiple separate sessions: In Memphis with Raham, bassist
Darren Parris and the Hi Rhythm Section, and in Vancouver with her regular
crew of Klein, Raham, Parris, guitarist Craig McCaul, backup vocalists Debra
Jean Creelman and Caroline Ballhorn, and pianist Phil Cook.
Ford admitted the initial Royal Recording Studio session was terrifying.
“I was very intimidated to be having to guide these sessions. We just
experimented. I wanted to jam with them. That’s how they play and that’s how
I play. We play by intuition and feel and that’s why it worked between us.
“For (album opener) September Fields, I was in the control room and I was
singing into (Memphis soul singer) Ann Peebles’ microphone. I was so nervous
that I didn’t have a proper headphone mix. I couldn’t hear what they were
doing. I came out of the backroom and they had turned it into this whole
other thing: It sounded like something between Dolly Parton and Love And
Happiness to me – like, wow.”
In a strange twist of fate, Indian Ocean is the last recording Teenie Hodges
appeared on. He died shortly after the album was completed in June from
complications of emphysema. He was 68. Indian Ocean is dedicated to him.
“He was such a wonderful person and we became quite close,” Ford said. “He
would call me before I’d go on tour. He was a lovely, hilarious character.
He went into a coma not long after we did our last session with him and he
had been saying he might come visit. I feel like he held on to finish that
album. He looked good but he was very frail and he was on oxygen the whole
time. He didn’t have a lot of energy but the energy he had he gave to that
Recorded over a period of two years, Indian Ocean strikes a fine balance
between light and dark, between elegiac, soul-lifting musicality and
confessional, soul-baring lyricism.
Heartbreak, frayed relationships and, Ford admitted, memories of childhood
abuse and trauma resurfaced on Indian Ocean, but not because she had planned
“It was a really challenging album for me,” Ford said. “Some of the stuff
coming out, I was like, ‘Really? Now?’ I couldn’t see the overall picture
for a long, long time. (Obadiah) came out in one fell swoop: Making sense of
family and all this stuff. (Note: Obadiah is Ford’s middle name, inspired by
the name of the family cat.)
“One thing that’s so clear about (the Hi Rhythm Section) is that, in the
tradition of African-American music, you’re not playing a sad song to bring
somebody down. You may sing about the hardest thing but you sing about it in
a way that’s uplifting. You are interested in being truthful and being
expressive and moving through things.”
That’s the spirit Gordon felt when he heard Ford that time while driving his
car. That’s the spirit every listener will hear and feel when giving Indian
Ocean a spin or when seeing Ford live at her two sold-out shows this week in
Vancouver at St. James Hall.
It won’t be painful to dig deep. Rather, it will make you stronger.
“We carry so much unexpressed stuff because we’re so terrified of it. You’re
not alive when you carry too much of that stuff. Life is painful, no matter
what you do. But that movement through, with beauty and courage, is what
we’re mean to do while we’re here.
“This album traverses some heavy, hard things. There’s no particular answer
or particular resolution – just the tides of life.”


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