Mulligan Stew July 30th 2022- Sam Philips, Colin James & Jeff Healey


July 30 2003 Sam Philips died in Memphis.

He lead an amazing life..


From a family in the deep south that grew cotton.  Sam would work in the fields with African American pickers. They brought their songs with them and Sam grew to love the music.

He worked his way through radio and played a mix of black and white music that he loved.

When he started Sun Records in made perfect sense that he would record Jr Parker, Howling Wolf, and Charlie Rich side-by-side.

Then he went looking for a white singer who shared his love of black music and found him in ELVIS.

When I had the opportunity to visit Sun Records Studio…I just sat there and tried to imagine the history bouncing  off the walls

So years later, I find myself at the opening of the Rock Hall of Fame in Cleveland in 1995. Sam Phillips is being inducted and comes into the press room to speak with journalists and reporters as a group.

I waited until the very last question and asked him this question…

“Sam. They have recreated your studio here in the Hall. But how do they recreate the magic, the creative juice that connected in your original rooms? The incredible spark that happened between you and Elvis. How does that get captured here?”

His answer just blew me away… The other voice you hear is Mary Wilson from The Supremes.


The other guest visit is with Colin James and Jeff Healey…many years ago at MuchMusic in Toronto.

Just jamming in the studio. A Jimmy Reed song.  I told the guys I’d give them 5 bucks each if they worked my name into the lyrics.

A Great jam, both guys solo on their acoustic guitars – Five bucks later it’s followed by a giggle.

 This was pure magic..still is!

Here’s the long weekend music list – goes well with burgers.


OH…the Podcast is Cheech  and Chong.  Years ago, back in Vancouver where it all started for them.



Mulligan Stew Terry David Mulligan CKUA Radio
Let me love you, baby (live) Buddy Guy Rock Hall of Fame 2004
Don’t Mind Patti Griffin with Robert Plant Tape
Sunny afternoon The Kinks Summer
I got a feelin (live) Norah Jones Live. Empire State Building
Love me like a man Diana Krall The girl in the other room
TDMulligan – The Stew @tdmulligan Next – Mark Knopfler and Emmy Lou Harris
right now (live) Mark Knopfler and EmmyLou Harris Real Live Roadrunning
coal mine iskwe – Tom Wilson Mother Love
Coyotes Banff Next Coming UP -Sting and Bruce Springsteen Mulligan Stew
Every breathe you take (live) Sting and Bruce Springsteen Released. Human Rights Concerts
My guy Mary Wells Hitsville
Pride and Joy Marvin Gaye Hitsville
TDMulligan The Stew @tdmulligan
Roadrunner Jr Walker and the All Stars Shotgun
Roll with it Steve Winwood Roll with it
Roadrunner Jr Walker Shotgun
Mulligan Stew NEXT – The man who invented Rock Sam Phillips
Sam Phillips Interview With Mary Wilson from The Supremes- At Rock Hall of Fame 1995
Rocket 88 Ike Turner and Jackie Brenston. Delta Cats Golden Hits
In dreams Roy Orbison Very best of
Big River Johnny Cash Greatest Hits
Paying the cost to be the boss BB King His Best
Great balls of Fire Jerry Lee Lewis Greatest HIts
Hound Dog Elvis Presley The Searcher
This is Year 26 of Mulligan Stew Next – John Batiste @tdmulligan
Sweet Jon Batiste.Pentatonix. Diane Warren Single
Sing me a song William Prince – Serena Ryder Single
Rhinestone Cowboy The Jim Cuddy Band Countrywide Soul
Sing The Small Glories Assiniboine & Red
Mulligan Stew @tdmulligan Next Colin James and Jeff Healey
Baby what you want me to do Colin James and Jeff Healey Jam at MuchMusic with tdm
Wouldnt it be nice The Beach Boys Greatest Hits
Windows are rolled down Amos Lee Mission Bell
This has been The Stew with TDMulligan Take in a Festival
This has been The Stew with TDMulligan Go to a Festival
Fire Escape Dan Mangan Single
Running up That Hill (A deal with God) Kate Bush Hounds of Love

Mulligan Stew Aug 15th 2020-Virtually Re-visiting the Wild Mountain Music Festival





I have never been to the Wild Mountain Music Festival in Hinton, Alberta.  But it feels like I have now!


It’s mid-July. Whole families show up. With two main stages side by side, all the audience has to do is turn 2 feet either way and the next artist kicks off.

The host for the past 6 years is CKUA’s Mid-Morning Mojo Baba.

We’re going to talk to Baba, Jason Williams and Meagan Loves from Swear by the Moon, who’s played and volunteered since the beginning.

I put together a  wish list of artists from the many who’ve played Wild Mountain.

CKUA Senior Producer Elliott Garnier kindly gathered live tracks from various festivals we’ve recorded. (Thank you Scott Franchuk)


Looking back on highlights from years past.

The on-stage performance list says it all.


Blue Rodeo – ‘Til I am myself again (Calgary 2017)

Terra Lightfoot –  Never Will (Wild Mtn 2019)

Harp and Axe – Pretty Please (Edmonton 2019)

Harry Manx – Make Way (Edmonton2015)

Steve Mariner – Trouble no more (Edmonton Blues Fest )

Matt Anderson – People get Ready (Bear Creek 2017)

Whitehorse – Boys like you (Canmore 2017)

Mariel Buckley – Driving in the Dark (Edmonton 2017)

Diggin Roots – Highway 17 (Edmonton 2016)

Serena Ryder – Sing Sing (her Live album)



Special guests include BABA (who’s MC’d many years)

Also, Meagan Loves – Swear by the Moon

Jason Williams – Festival Artistic  Director



Hour one starts with


The great Brian Wilson and his  song Love and Mercy

Led Zeppelin back to back with new Robert Plant

Paul Simon Live in Central Park.

Dave Mason and his famous pals,.

John Mayer and Ben Harper

Anna Jayne Burton and Joey Landreth

Michael Kaeshammer and Colin James

Gord Downie and The Sadie’s

And a famous moment in Amsterdam when The Who ran onto the stage at the Concertgebouw to play Tommy for the first time.

That moment when drummer Keith  Moon kept running and fell off the stage and took the sound system with him.

I was there..remember it well and now I can hear the audience go “ooooh” as he fell.




Hello World – This is Mulligan Stew
love and mercy Brian Wilson I just wasnt made for these times
hold your hand anna jayne burton-joey landreth single
who are you (live) Michael Kaeshammer and Colin James Live in Concert
fool in the rain Led Zeppelin In through the out door
charlie patton highway (Turn it up Part 1) Robert Plant Diggin Deep. Subterania
Welcome to The Stew NEXT – Paul Simon Live
The Boxer (live) Paul Simon Live in The Park
Graceland The tallest man on Earth The tallest man on Earth
walkin with Mr Lee Golden State Blues Revue Golden State Blues Revue
Saluting Wild Mtn Music Festival Hello Hinton
never will (live) Terra Lightfoot Wild Mtn Music Festival
Pretty Please (live) Harp and Axe Stew Show Edmonton Folk Fest 2019
TDMulligan mulliganstew podcast
Trouble no more (live) Steve Marriner Live on Edmonton Blues Fest
James Williams Interview Artistic Director Wild Mtn Music Fest
Driving in the Darki (live) Mariel Buckley Wide Cut Country Edmonton Folk Fest 2017
Jason Williams Interview Artistic Director Wild Mtn Music Fest
Til I am myself again (live) Blue Rodeo Calgary Folk Festival 2017
Jason Williams Interview Wild Mountain Music Festival
Highway 17 (live) Diggin’ Roots Live on World Spinning Edmonton FF 2016
make way for the living (live) Harry Manx Edmonton FF 2015 WCC
Baba Interview
Serena Ryder (live) Sing Sing Live
Boys like you (live) Whitehorse Canmore Folk Fest 2017 Mulligan Stew
Meagan Loves Interview Swear by the Moon
People get ready (live) Matt Anderson Bear Creek Festival 2017

EP 117 | Rod Lurie Director of The Outpost


“With a script by Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy, based on The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor by Jake Tapper, the film emerges as an action thriller which never loses sight of the futility of the war being fought.

You could also watch this intensely powerful movie, which Lurie directs with a keen understanding of the mechanics of battle and an overriding humanism that puts flesh-and-blood on the bones of the tragic story being told about Bravo Troop 3-61 CAV, one of the most decorated units of the 19-year conflict”

Peter Travers  Rolling Stone

Rod Lurie attended West Point and served four years as a combat arms officer. Started the Broadcast Film Critics Assn with Joey Berlin.

Then turned his attention to writing and directing in TV and film.

It all came together when he wrote and directed the Golden Globe and Academy Award-nominated The Contender.

This conversation about his latest film The Outpost is a reflection of my admiration for Rod and all he’s done. The Outpost plays to all of his strengths., the characters of the real soldiers involved and honoring the men who battled that day. His toughest critics were the families of those who died. It was vital that they saw their loved ones portrayed as the warriors they were.

EP 116 | Colin Cripps Interview


This is a Zoom/Audio interview. Your choice.


Colin Cripps is one of those musicians/artists who may never receive the full spotlight the lead singers get but if you ask that artist in the spotlight, they’ll tell you they wouldn’t be in the studio or out on stage if Colin wasn’t there with them step for step.

In other words, invaluable.

Currently, he’s a member of Blue Rodeo and The Jim Cuddy Band.

He’s played with and produced Crash Vegas and Junkhouse.

Produced and written with ex-wife Kathleen Edwards, Tom Wilson, Colin James, Headstones, Sarah McLachlan, Bryan Adams.

Many many more credits can be found online.

Speaking of online,  Colin is a Guitar Geek and he lives in a World where other guitar geeks compare notes on guitars and gear.

They all speak another language ..about tone and bridges and strings and colors.  They go crazy for colors.

Colin has some 40-50 guitars.

Each brings something different to music.

Colin takes us through the differences and who played what on which records.

Jeff Beck. Eric Clapton. Keith Richards. The Beatles. Elvis Costello. Metallica. Jimmy Page. Hank Marvin. Mark Knopfler. Cliff Gallop.

It’s time to Geek OUT !!

Colin talks about and shows/plays these guitars

1955 Fender Telecaster in Sunburst (Keith Richards. Jimmy Page)

1963 Fender Stratocaster in Fiesta Red (Hank Marvin. Jimi. Mark Knopfler)

1964 Gibson SG Standard in Cherry Red (Colin’s Fave)

1962 Epiphone Casino in Royal Tan (The Beatles made them famous)

1958 Fender Jazzmaster in Roman Red (Elvis Costello. Only 4 in this color)

1958 Gibson Explorer. The Holy Grail of originals. James Hatfield’s is worth 1M.

Mulligan Stew Feb 22 2020- Andy Shauf – The Neon Skyline


For those music fans who discovered the seductive narrative of  Andy Shauf through his last album The Party, just know that he’s hooked up with three of the party-goers and headed for The Skyline Bar in Parkdale, Toronto.

There’s his buddy Charlie, Rose the bartender and  Judy.

Oh!  His ex is in the bar as well.

You just don’t hear concept albums and certainly not concept songwriting and production at this level.


Amy van Keeken, who knows a thing or two about songwriting wrote me a note ..

The Neon Skyline is so good. Listening to the whole album start to finish

in one go (like people used to do) adds a deeper level of meaning to the songs and the narrative.  It’s brilliant”


Andy’s buddies Foxwarren are up for a Juno Award March 15 but Andy will be in Bourdeaux on tour.

I’ve asked Andy to leave his acceptance speech with us in our chat.

The rest of our two-hour show features handpicked Saturday night music.

JJ Cale

Linda Ronstadt

Steve Miller band

a double shot of Led Zeppelin.

Ry Cooder

Frazey Ford

Bruce Springsteen..

J Geils Band

Muddy Waters – Live in Chicago

Leon Russell

Next WEEK – Gord Sinclair – Formerly of  the Tragically Hip

  TWO WEEKs  Frazey Ford- New album U Kin  B The Sun


The Stew Feb 22 2020 Mulligan Stew – Special Guest is Andy Shauf Playlist
Call me the breeze JJ Cale Naturally
Miss Ann Delaney and Bonnie To Bonnie from Delaney
I put a spell on you CCR CCR
My blue tears Linda Ronstadt Get Closer Coming UP – All Vinyl Bruuuuce
The Tower Savvie Night Eyes
Jailer Jailer High Bar Gang Someday the heart will trouble the mind
Mulligan Stew – Year 25 Coming UP – Steve Miller, Led Zep and Paul Simon playlist
Lucky man Steve Miller Band Sailor
Gangster of Love Steve Miller Band Sailor
You’re so fine Steve Miller Band Sailor
The After Life Paul Simon So beautiful So what
Poor Tom Led Zeppelin Coda Special Guest Andy Shauf NEXT – New/Old Zep
Sunshine Woman Led Zeppelin The Complete BBC Sessions
Where’s my love Sam Bush Storyman
Coming Up in 30 minutes Andy Shauf
Mercy Mercy Me Marvin Gaye Greatest Hits
Mulligan Stew – Year 25 Andy Shauf brings new music and local dates Coming Up a double shot of Springsteen – on Vinyl
Raise your hand (live) Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Live 75/85
Cadillac Ranch (live) Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Live 75/85
Wait (Live) J Geils Band Anthology TDM Coming UP – Andy Shauf
Long Distance Call (live) Muddy Waters Fathers and Sons
Duke of Earl Gene Daniels Best of
School is out Ry Cooder Showtime
masters of war leon russell Leon Russell
Playlist NEXT – Andy Shauf Neon Skyline
Andy Shauf Interview Neon Skyline
Neon Skyline Andy Shauf Neon Skyline
Andy Shauf Interview Neon Skyline
Living Room Andy Shauf Neon Skyline
Andy Shauf Interview Neon Skyline
Dust Kids Andy Shauf Neon Skyline
Andy Shauf Interview Neon Skyline
Things I do andy shauf Neon Skyline
Money Can’t buy Frazey Ford U kin b the Sun
no pareticular placxe to go Chuck Berry greatest hits


Mulligan Stew June 15th 2019- Keb Mo Interview


Keb’ Mo’ is a charismatic singer/guitarist/ songwriter and four-time GRAMMY Award winner who has consistently made music that reflects his own passions and interests. In the process, he’s earned a reputation for his ability to make deeply expressive, highly personal music. Don’t believe me?  Check out the title track (Oklahoma), Put A Woman In Charge (Featuring Rosanne Cash), and Don’t throw it away, a song about plastics with Grammy buddy Taj Mahal.

But my fave is the first track,  I remember you and its first line which he says to the lady in the Red Dress

“My name is Junior and come from Memphis Tennessee”

Colin Linden produced the album and infused his love of blues and passion into each and every song.

This is a very special album.  Oklahoma from Keb Mo

Keb guests on Mulligan Stew Radio

And the complete interview on Mulligan Stew  Podcast. Subscribe to Apple Podcasts. Spotify. Google Play.

As for the music ..

We remember Mac Rebennack – Dr John

Leeroy Stagger/Black Keyes/Elton John Soundtrack/Brandi Carlile, Little Steven, Vaughn Brothers, Pearl Jam, Rob Plant, Matt Anderson, Beastie Boys and Lots  More .






Mulligan StewJune 15 2019 
Welcome to Mulligan Stewwith Terry David
The MonkeyDr JohnN’awlins
let the good times rollDr JohnGumbo
Remembering Dr John  
Shoo Fly dont bother meBluesiana TriangleBluesiana Triangle 
caught in the middleLeeroy StaggerMe and the Mountain
howlin’ for youThe Black KeyesBrothers
Crocodile rockTaron EgertonRocketman soundtrack Guest tonight is Keb Mo 
Long RiderMatt Andersonhalfway home by morning
poor HowardRobert PlantLullaby and the ceaseless roar
Groove HolmesBeastie BoysCheck your head
One ScotchJohn Lee HookerBest of
Keb Mo is tonights guestNew album Oklahoma 
I’m going to make you love meBuddy and Julie Millersingles from Breakdown
of the girl (live)Pearl JamBenaroya Hall
blackbirdSarah McLachlanRarities Vol 2 complete interview on mulligan stew podcast 
Keb Mo Interviewcomplete interview on mulligan stew podcast 
this is my houseKeb MoOklahoma
Keb Mo Interviewcomplete interview on mulligan stew podcast 
Don’t throw it awayKeb MoOklahoma
Keb Mo Interviewwith tdm 
I remember youKeb MoOklahoma
Keb Mo Interviewcomplete interview on mulligan stew podcast 
Put a woman in chargeKeb MoOklahoma
The Complete Keb Mo Interviewat Mulligan Stew Podcast Apple Podcasts.Google Play. Spotify 
Raise HellBrandi CarlileBear Creek
RehabAmy WinehouseBack to Black
I’ll waitThe StrumbellasRattlesnake
Company in my backWilcoA ghost in born 
Love againLittle Steven and Disciples of soulSummer of Sorcery
BrothersVaughn BrothersFamily style
Thank you for being out 
I’m going homeDr JohnN’awlins