EP 246 | Oscar picks from Movie Television

The Oscar Awards are always one of the stand-out events of any year!

This year is no exception.  It is, after all,  the year following

The Slap!!

The Oscars take place Sunday, March 12 Live from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

For many delightful years, I was the co-host and then the  host of Movie Television for CityTV.

The key to the success of MT across Canada and around the World was the support staff. We talked film 24-7.

That’s what I wanted to recapture with this Episode of The  Mulligan Stew Podcast.

Film fans and film friends just riffing thoughts and calling out the possible winner of various awards.


Supporting actor/actress



Adapted Screenplay

Film of the year


Our guests and my dear friends are –

Lorraine Clark – Associate Producer

Alfred Tonna – Post Production Director & Segment Producer.

Dan Duford – Producer.


Between we four, we have visited 100’s of film sets capturing the inside story of the film and 1000’s of media junket interviews with the stars.


Have a listen and see if you agree.

and check out the Video Version of this Oscar session. On terrydavidmulligan YouTube Channel