Mulligan Stew Aug 26th 2013-Special Guest Jill Barber

Bumped into Russell Broom at EFMF. We talked Art Bergmann and his next album.
What brings you here? Says I
Playing with Jill Barber. Says Russ
And that’s how Jill and I ended up sharing a freshly poured Big Rock and a wonderful interview in the green room.
Jill covers thoughts and emotions on her home and Homemaker, her latest album.

This Summer Stew starts and ends with Bob Dylan and his album Rough and Rowdy Ways. He’s just announced an R & R Ways tour. It includes two nights at Massey Hall Oct 26/27 with the next night in Montreal.

New Music from Mike Farris/Dolly Parton (with Paul and Ringo), Eric Clapton, Valerie June and Bill Frisell, Jesse Roper, Robert Finley, and Iris Dement.

The complete interview – over a cold beer – starts a two-part Mulligan Stew Podcast.

FYI. Tasting Room Radio is an hour special with winemakers and locals on the fires that raged through the hills of West Kelowna.
It ends with a message that they’re “open for business”. Farming is tough enough. To have roads closed during the high tourist season is hard to survive.

How can we help?
If you’re buying wine soon please buy BC from your favorite winery. It all helps.

Speaking of the recent wine country fires, the  interviews we did with locals and winemaking friends  for Tasting Room Radio will be Part Two  of this week’s Mulligan Stew Podcast

Buy Local.  Thank You


Mulligan Stew -Guest Jill Barber Terry Mulligan details – mulliganstewdotca
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Let it be Dolly Parton (with Paul and Ringo) Single
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TDMulligan Our guest this week is Jill Barber and her album Homemaker
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The Summer Stew TDM Guest Jill Barber
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Guest in Hour Two of The Summer Stew Jill Barber
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Jill Barber Interview with Terry David Mulligan at Edmonton Folk Fest
Homemaker Jill Barber Homemaker
Jill Barber Interview Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Hell No Jill Barber Homemaker
Jill Barber Interview Mulligan Stew TDMulligan
Beautiful Wife Jill Barber Homemaker
Jill Barber Interview Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Instant Cash for Gold Jill Barber Homemaker
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Crossing the Rubicon Bob Dylan Rough and Rowdy Ways