EP 296 | Remembering Jeff Healey and Celebrating Wine with Harry Hertscheg!

Every once in a while there’s a week that goes by that is blessed with great conversations.
Somewhere down that road, I decided that instead of choosing one interview over the other, why not have them both share the podcast.
March 2, 2008, was the day gifted singer/songwriter and truly remarkable man Jeff Healey lost his battle with cancer.

We had a great long-distance friendship. Every time we reconnected, we fell into an easy chatter that always ended up in laughter. Good man.
His loss gutted me. Still am.
Roger Costa is the co-administrator/archivist of The Estate of Jeff Healey.
He’s currently  leading the production team shooting the documentary
See the Light: The Jeff Healey Story.

That film and my interview with Roger will come later this year or early 2025.
In the meantime, I wanted to remember Jeff on March 2 with someone who knows him well. Roger Costa.

Harry Hertscheg

Harry Hertscheg is a regular listener to this Podcast. He listens to it while biking through busy Vancouver traffic to and from work.
Work is being executive director of the hugely successful VanWineFest which is just wrapping up.
Almost 20,000 wine fans have attended seminars, winemakers dinners and large and small tastings.
The feature region is Italy. 71 Italian wineries sent their best.
Next year the feature region is the USA.
Here’s a conversation with the completely engaging and informative Harry Hertscheg.

Enjoy the ride Harry.