EP 300 | Nardwuar The Human Serviette, our First Guest and 300th!

This is what Podcasts were created for.

Long, extended conversations between guests and hosts.

Deep dives into opinions on music, film, food, wine, books, travel, history etc.

One of the biggest and brightest podcasts today belongs to our guest Nardwuar, The Human Serviette!

Millions of people all over the World can’t seem to wait for his next interview with hip-hoppers, rappers, punks and metal artists.

Countless fans everywhere dress up as Nardwuar, every Halloween.

Have a visit to his website  www.nardwuar.com

What he brings to the interviews are personal facts and rumours that only the artist would know. Pulling out posters, photos, handwritten notes and albums that only the artist would remember. Minds are blown. Records are played. Lifetime friends are made!!

Our first Podcast – co-produced by Elliott Garnier – Was 6 years ago. Nardwuar was the very first guest!!

On the occasion of Episode #300, we welcome back the original – the one and only – Nardwuar – The Human Serviette!!!

Audio on Mulliganstew.ca and video on our YouTube Channel