EP 281 | Tom Cochrane Songs & Stories.The Duo. Canada West Tour

In the spectrum of popular music in Canada, which is as wide as the country, Tom Cochrane falls somewhere between an electrified Gordon Lightfoot and a solo Gordon Downie.

Between the universal prose of Leonard Cohen and the blood passion of Tom Wilson.

Three times we went to the war-torn fields and roads of Africa for World Vision and became lifelong friends. That’s what seeing men, women and children dead or dying will do to you. You seek humanity. Tom’s got humanity in spades.

He came back from the first trip under a heavy dark load and sought out the only thing that he knew would lift him up. Music. He wrote a song called Life is a Highway. It became an anthem for millions. All lifted up by his music.

Tom Cochrane is heading back West now. The tour is called Duo.

Friday night in Medicine Hat, Saturday night  in Edmonton (Expo Centre)

Then to the coast and a complete tour of Vancouver Island.

Wednesday Victoria

Thursday Courtney

Friday Nanaimo

Sunday Campbell River

Monday, Nov 20 – Duncan (in the Cowichan)